Emirates Stadium


May 2009

Best is Jack Wilshere’s goal v Norwich.

I don’t have enough time for the worst moments, I have to work in the morning.

Pitch invasions are getting out of hand now


I wonder what capacity is for a concert…maybe just the same as a match but be interesting if it was more as nearly a trial event for increased capacity.

Emirates is hardly used aswell.

Must be because Wembley is getting used for the womens euros

I wonder if the same Arsenal stewards have to go to events like this and tell people to sit down in their seats?

The badge has had repaint


Desperately needed it


Got to freshen the place up in preparation for all those stadium tours of people wanting to see the Premier League trophy next year.


Badge sticks out a bit much now. Badge looks Nice everything around it looks shite.

Trust the process.

That’s made the faded mural behind it look a lot worse :joy:

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Urgh. The Spurs of Music.

Also - the Hives are still going. LOL.

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