Emirates Stadium

There’s a topic about the Emirates already but it’s 10 years memories thing so I opened a new one.

While I was googling about the Emirates I was reminded of the Arsenal time capsule that is ‘buried’ (not properly) there I found a link that made me feel really good inside about our club. :slight_smile: We love a really classy club… As if we didn’t already know. :slight_smile:



Nice story that. :slight_smile:


Stories like this that remind me why I’m enormously proud of our club.

That’s class.

Just read it. Nice one Arsenal :slight_smile:

Bob Wilson was my first favourite Arsenal player.
He oozes class and is a proper gentleman.

Those who keep yapping about “Emirates was supposed to make us competitive” might wanna give this a read and understand what a world class stadium Emirates is.

It is a world class stadium to watch a sporting spectacle, perfect seats, great line of sight and all that.

But the atmosphere is shite, it is what it is. No getting away from it. Whatever great ergonomic plans they conceived for bouncing sound around a bowl-shaped stadium, it hasn’t worked, when there is no noise generated in the first place.

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Fuck sake Arsene!!

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Is Theo Walcott still hanging around?

It said invade the stadium. Theo doesn’t really spend much time there.

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It’s been 70 years, do we seriously still need to call Germans such things?

Wengers mismanagement has now reached dangerous levels here. He needs to go.

Getting visions of Wenger as a Miss Haversham character in an empty stadium here.


Those rats won’t stick around for long.
Even they know the Emirates is a sinking ship.

Well we did hire someone from Barcelona, didn’t we?

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Interesting insight how the stadium was built, for those interested.

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Someone needs to @Tottenham show them how to do it

Even though I know it was a necessity to move I’ll always miss Highbury. I just loved the ground and everything about it and I even got nostalgic watching pre-2006 videos. It just felt like Arsenal and I’ve never really grown too attached to the Emirates even if it is a lovely stadium.


Would love if we some day could increase our capacity with 10k more seats. Have no idea if it will be possible regarding politics and engineering.