Emirates Stadium


The only reason anyone would prefer ‘Emirates Stadium’ to Highbury is if they were:-

a) stuck behind a pillar at Highbury
b) they never got to goto Highbury and are jelly

Nothing else about the ‘Emirates Stadium’ Match day experience is remotely close to the experience of walking in / around Highbury.

However, moving to the new ground has made us a lot wealthier and allowed us to compete at the top of the league every season, so I’ll let it slide


I remember going to the opening game at the Emirates, which was the Bergkamp testimonial, and walking around the new stadium, and it was clean and even smelled new but it didn’t feel as if I was at a home match.

It is a great stadium and we had to move, but the atmosphere at Highbury, as well as the history, is far greater.

It’s strange that Kroenke only became interested in buying us after we moved.
I can’t imagine why.

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Nice stadium but we can only get loan players :+1:


Ya, that’s pretty fucking sad. How can Emery work with one hand tied behind his back. Fucking Stan Kroenke.

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There’s been a few April fools jokes down the years that have said the Emirates is going to expand the seating by replacing the current seats we have (which are the widest in the league / Europe or some shit) with thinner seats.

No idea if that is actually feasible but sounds practical enough if we ever did want to increase the seating in one stand for example.


I’ve seen this a few times too, I do love them seats though.

One of the worst is the Millenium Stadium, I go there at least 5 or 6 times a year for the Wales rugby games and it’s fucking tight as fuck.


thinner seats. good idea. Should be a weight limit of 100Kg to get tickets then :henry2:


Be using Tony Adams infiuence in his new job there the RFL then.


Did they ask Tottenham? Or are they not sure their stadium will be ready for 2021?


Yeah, but I’d rather they get their pitch ripped up than ours.


It think we’ve got the OA post of the year for 2019 already in January :laughing:

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…Welcome along Darwish LeKiss! How was it?

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Why don’t we do this often?

English peeps, why did you not make this a thing?


Sorry bro @Trion … I’ll start:

I Adam ------------------------------- did not go to the Emirates with my boyfriend.


Have you just came out? :wink:


No we played away this week.


Haha nice save there :wink:


I guess you were busy doing something else with your boyfriend


Correction - I, Nitin ____, guess you were busy doing something else with your boyfriend.