Emiliano Buendia

But yeah they are different players, we could do with both.

But Buendia in this Covid market - anything more than £20m is too much.

Buy Odegaard and Buendia and release Ceballios into the Spanish wilderness imo.


How much is Odegaard gonna cost us? Can’t think Madrid will let him go for anything less than €40m.

I feel that would be a steal based on profile alone.


We’ll see if Madrid are desperate to sell early.

If we’re going to buy another attacking player along with the essential attacking midfielder, a left winger has to be it tbh. Buendia on the notion that he might be a good centre midfielder? Rather just buy an actual centre midfielder, no? Even if that is not Ceballos.

What little I’ve seen of Buendia, he really does remind me of Santi lite, he looks like the type of player that could be useful wide, CAM and CM. I wouldn’t be against that versatility at all especially if we could keep Partey fit.

What I hate is bog standard Cm’s like Elneny and Xhaka and I’d hate to acquire more of that ilk.


Yeah but as we have seen with Odegaard and the mentioned Partey there is quality available on the market with players having actual experience on the positions we’re looking for. Not sure why we just shouldn’t do that then… Obviously Cazorla as centre midfielder worked out, but if was born out of necessity (Flamini/Arteta not available). Now we don’t have to act from a position where we don’t have any choices, but we have all the choice in the world. If you get what I mean.

Buendia bringing the gap between Norwich and Brentford to 10 points now.
This remontada. :bergkamp2:

If Buendia can play a similar role from the left, I’d be okay spending the biggish bucks on him.

Buendia - Ø - Saka

I know he has the technical ability to play there but I don’t see him as a #10. Need a bit more technical security in that position.


There are some of us that think he can be an #8 too.

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Buendia’s type of profile means it’s quite easy to imagine him playing in a number of roles. I’d want to use his skill set further forward.

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Rather spend the money elsewhere and give Smith Rowe/Pepe a chance to make that left wing role their own tbh.

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For those who didn’t watch the match, here are the highlights:

It’s pretty much a Buendia compilation. :grin:

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#1 target please

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Wouldn’t pay a penny over 20m for this Championship stat padder


Nice, pay 40-60m to Madrid for Odegaard then.

I think I will. On the phone to my mate Edu now.

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