Emiliano Buendia

How do you think he’d perform here under Arteta?

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I think he’s do very well here in the vein of Saka, ESR and some of the other guys that are able to perform despite deficiencies in their coach.

He wouldn’t be a Pepe that’d have people making a million excuses for him, Buendia seems on it every game and whether in the PL or in the Championship you almost always see his impact in a game for his team, he isn’t a passenger.


Buendia has the Messi co-sign. :writing_hand:
Talent recognises talent.

Sounds like Madrid will try to dig their heels in regards to Ø. I’m an now a full-fledged believer in Buendia.

A lot of Buendia’s assists coming from the #10 space.

I hadn’t noticed until now that Norwich had ‘City’ in their name. TIL


How much do you reckon he’s gonna cost?

If he signs for us he won’t be called Big Emi that name is reserved

Can we call him Small Emi then?

Medium sized Emi


£25m plus add-ons.

Can we not offer like 20M plus Joe Willock and Reiss Nelson :joy:

Make it 60m and send that offer Villa’s way.


No chance. :sweat_smile:
I reckon it’s gonna be £35-40m.

I can see Norwich being interested in some of our players btw.

I’d offer £25-30m and someone like Nelson or £25m + Willock. Don’t want to spend £40m on a guy who’s basically a total unproven entity at the top leve

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You don’t think the performance related add-ons could amount to +£10m?

Judging by transfers from Championship to Premier League clubs, the £25m bracket is a fair one, no?

Maddison was bought for around £20m. Bowen I’m sure was a similar price. Watkins was around £25m. I’d find it hard to justify a £40m flat fee.


Would’ve been fair if they stayed down but now they’re up.
They’re taking a massive risk selling Buendia now. He’s by far their best player and he makes that team tick.
They dropped off this season when his respective form dropped and then suffered even more when he missed 3 matches due to suspension.

I think Norwich won’t stand in his way this summer but they will ask a considerable fee.

Not worth £40m

We cannot be bent over backwards by other clubs man.

If other clubs are crying poverty and only bidding less than £20m for our players we can’t be expected to pay £30m odd for their players.

I really like him as a player though, would take for £20m

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We aren’t getting him for £20mil, he’s their best player man

I was going to say this but Buendia is a player on the precipice. He’s effectively a PL player now given Norwich are as good as promoted.

Norwich are most definitely getting promoted too, they won’t be strapped for cash.