Emile Smith Rowe (10)

Watched a bit of the game back (first 10 mins).

Score was 0-0 at the time…

ESR has the ball in the screenshots and Arsenal have a 3v3. If you’re KBD 2.0 you’ve got to be find Aubameyang’s run, but ESR either completely ignores it or doesn’t read/see it…

Not enamoured by Saka’s decision to pull his run either…he was going stride for stride with Cancelo before he decides to stop 35 yards out.


What do the wider shots look like and need more context. In the first picture he has the ball auba hasn’t even started the run saka is coming short and the gap between the 2 cbs is quite small

Is Ederson close to the box here?

Probably a perfect set of still to show why we are so shit at making chances to be honest. Saka has to be busting a gut here, as to the guy at the top of the pitch. Smith rowe has enough space and people coming from midfield for an easy option. So stupid

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Auba first darts centrally, but he knows Dias has him covered. He tries to remain out of Dias’s eye line and then makes a quick dart to the left. Dias tries to hold the defensive line to catch Auba offside. Ederson not in sight.




Fair points but that’s the learning curve of a young player.
Being introduced into the side and guidance with quality around you like Foden had or Mount or TAA is totally different than having a reliance put on you before you have even started shaving.


So Auba stops Saka’s run essentially? Saka is goal side of that play on his strong foot but as soon as auba cuts that way he adjusts his run to short?

If I look up as Smith rowe in the first picture I see saka’s run as the one I want but when he stops that fucks you up.

But yeah he should play auba in but I understand why what happened ,happened. Such disjointed movement

He hasn’t really shown to have much in terms of vision for me, but he offers so much in terms of carrying the ball, dribbling and causing the other team to over commit to him and creates spaces for others. Hopefully with age and confidence he starts taking the riskier balls.


Perfect foil for Odegaard who is kinda opposite in his attacking play

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Loved what he brought to the game when he came on. Continues to grow as a player and let’s hope end product is next.


Drives the ball well, really should have finished that chance though.


He could use a bit of arrogance and a nasty streak. He just seems “too lovely” and innocent at times.
But what a baller. the way he drives with the ball as it just sticks to his feet is immense. Also love his two-footedness, which is crucial in tight spaces.

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Has it all to be a fantastic player in the coming years except a clean injury record. Joy to watch.

ESR had a good impact off the bench. The end product still isn’t at the desired level. Of course he missed the 1v1, but it was this sequence that stuck out for me.


He is usually a pretty good final third decision maker. I have no idea what he was thinking there or why he didn’t just play the ball to Odegaard around the second frame above.

That was a poor bit of play there by ESR no doubt.
Scuandered a gift

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It’s not just ESR but also Saka, Eddie, Reiss, Gabi and Willock when he was here. They always go for the shot when they are in the final third, I know they want to get a goal but really priority for them should be to pass unless they are clear cut through on goal. Been seeing this kind of thing for nearly two years now.

I’d disagree with you here mate. I don’t think our players look for a goal often enough.
There was a time under Wenger when we used to be pass dominated and look for perfect goals in the Emirates era.
Now though I think we are just sterile in that department and for too many years we move the ball to slowly and try going wide or through the middle with dullard like Laca with his back to goal.
Even on set pieces we don’t shoot from clearances say like Henderson did last night.


I agree with you mate but in my opinion the problem is, we currently don’t create enough chances for everyone to be taking shots. We won’t create anything in a game and the one time a ball goes to one of the younger players in a dangerous area there are bunch of people open and they choose to shoot instead. Even though the shot has a small chance of actually being converted into a goal. We go the rest of the game with maybe a half chance and come back with nothing. I’ve never seen Arsenal so bad going forward.


Fair one thats a decent explanation tbf.

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I don’t actually mind ESR being selfish here. I want to see our young players take risks and make the wrong decisions sometimes. And I want to see them do it again because it gives me confidence that ESR is confident enough within himself that he’ll try and take a shot at goal too.

Definitely wasn’t the right decision but there will be times it comes off and times he can make the pass. Not mad at him for it because I hate how passive our players are



ESR Guilding

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This is what I love the most about ESR.
He is a creative player but most of his creativity comes from his runs.