Emile Smith Rowe (10)

Emile Smith Rowe

Born: Croydon - July 28, 2000
Nationality: English
Current teams: Arsenal

He snubbed offers from Barcelona and Spurs to stay at Arsenal and sign a scholarship, back in 2016.

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What a missed opportunity of being a thread creator…

When I saw the part where he snubbed offers from Barcelona and Spurs to join Arsenal. I thought he’s another academy’s product. So it turns out he’s been at the club’s Hale End Academy since he was 9. That’s just plain trying to poach from us. Always a Gunner!

I wonder which Championship club he will play for in two or three years time :laughing:.


Give him a chance and maybe he will turn out good. I like his style of play and composure compared to Wilshere when he was 16.

Having followed him with the youths, I am confident that he is the next Kevin de Bruyne.


Are you serious?

You can’t tell EMR is gonna be better than KDB?

He’s a future balon d’or winner!!!

I am 100% sure that he is being super serious. Definitely not joking. Definitely not.

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Here’s Emile Smith Rowe responding to the over reaction of Emile Smih Rowe :grin:

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So excited to see our League Cup team. It’s gonna be great.

Didn’t we have a period where we dominated Championship and some Premier League teams with a youth squad, in the Carling Cup? When we had Vela, Wilshere, Randall etc. I remember big scores like 4-0 and 6-0

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He is the next Jack wilshere.

Get a proper haircut kid.

We could see it again.

Could be the next Kiwomya…

Super cereal…

I’m not sure we’ve got any right to complain about that.

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