Eintracht Frankfurt Vs Arsenal (UEL)

  • Frankfurt win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win (:joy:)

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Probably give a penalty away in this aswell

Meh. Don’t care. Hate this shit competition. It’s had enough chances now. I’m gonna spend the time dying my hair pink or something.


Fuck this competition


Play the youths and players that don’t get enough game time. I’m really tired with EL especially the group games they are so fucking boring.

Or play the shit older players as punishment for being dicks! And let the younger players have a chance to give away pathetic goals in the more important matches instead.

fuck this stupid haribo cup. just cancel this stupid tournament


It’s very easy for me to forget we’re in this competition, especially when the games kick off at the same sorry time that I’m leaving my office, just no excitement or build up or anything.

Play the kids, focus on getting top 4

Just been destroyed by Watford we got no chance against this German team

but … but… Haribo are delicious!

Pepe has to play regardless. Needs games and goals. Lose this though 3 1.

Players looked stressed and tired.

I think we will see Mustafi, maybe Holding, Torreira, Ozil, Willock, Nelson.

Not overly fussed what happens tbh, senile Wenger and Unai Emery have pretty much sucked all the life out of me. Eintracht Frankfurt 2-1 Arsenal.

Play the youth team. We dont have time for this stupid cup rn.

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Nelson and Willock should be getting time, give Saka some minutes as well

Start Holding and Chambers

Funny how many people saying their not interested in this game or competition. Take it they won’t be criticising if we get beat then.
We are not above this level or competition. No your place.

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But yeah, you’re ready right. With the 3rd competition coming it may as well prove to be harder to get into CL so this may end up our casual weekday rendezvous.

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If Auba plays I will be fuming.

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If Pepe doesn’t so will I.