Eden Hazard


Thank fuck for that. Top 3 player in the PL leaving one of our rivals and is being replaced with Pulisic… lol


So basically Real Madrid have bought Hazard, or as he’s otherwise known, Chelsea, for 100m.
I’m sure Abramovich will replace him with an equivalent player…oh wait… he can’t…they’ve got a transfer ban.
Couldn’t happen to a nicer club. :grinning:


Need to go in a different direction now Chelsea and the over reliance on him could help them in the long run.
Hope he isnt signing off on a big game for them though.

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Good news, that isn’t the greatest fee for a player of his pedigree although I suppose there’s one year on his contract left. I bet Pedro and Willian raise their games now. But still a old squad they have. Maybe they bring back Morata and they have loads of loan players who could do a job.

Real could do us a few favours. Pick up Pogba or Eriksen too please

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Be better they left Pogba. Poisons every manager, player and fan he comes into touch with. Fergie knew years ago on this cunt.

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You may have a point and he seemingly did down tools but I’ll await him doing the same to someone not named Mourinho before putting him in that bracket

Signing Eriksen would be better for us for the simple fact they’ll struggle more than United to replace him.

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Maybe I haven’t adjusted my mind to this new financial climate, but 100m for someone with a year to go on their contract is sensational.


Why the fuck are Madrid bothering with Pogba for fuck sake? The guy will be booed week in week out, guaranteed. He won’t be consistent and he’ll cause more problems to an already problematic locker room.
Get some fucking centre-backs while you can and stop bothering with that moron Ramos.


Imagine if they get 50+ million back for Bale from United or Tottenham…


Yeah, but it’s taken into account that Chelsea cannot replace him. Sure, they got Pulisic but they can’t reinvest that money till next year.


That’s a lot for a player in his last season of a contract but he is the next best thing after Ronaldo, and they have struggled without that sort of quality player.

I don’t think this will be their only big signing in this window either.


Wasn’t the point of signing Pulisic that he’d replace Hazard though?

I’d view it as Hazard having already been replaced (though whether he is an adequate replacement is another question)


They badly need a striker. That’s a domain where the money would’ve come handy. Plus, apparently Pulisic was signed for PR reasons in the US.


Chelsea on paper will be weaker but Sarri might be dangerous now. If you give him a bunch of these young talented players, with no ego, and they buy in to Sarri ball, Chelsea could be a force to be reckoned with.

Hazard is highly talented but don’t forget he’s snake #1 at Chelsea.


£58 million seems like a lot of money for Chelsea to invest in a PR exercise specific to only the United States


I thought these fucks were transfer banned?


Pulisic was signed in Jan before the ban, then loaned back 'til next season


But he’s a world class attacking player and its Euros not Pounds. To put into perspective Neymar went for 220m Euros, Coutinho went for 140m (pounds I think…), Dembele 135m, Lukaku went for £90m or 100m Euros IIRC, which is the same as Hazard is going for 2 years after when commercials have grown.

So while I’m the type of tight bloke who’ll argue over a single quid, I can still see it is kind of small change in this market place.


Did any of them have only a year left on their contract?

I’ll give you the currency point, I had skimmed it and had sterling in mind. So not sensational perhaps, but still not all that bad.


Fair point and we only got offered 70m for a 29yo Alexis and Hazard himself is now 28

Still it seems like this is an end of a legacy at Chelsea