Eddie Nketiah (14)

Its all relevant isnt it
Walcott was bought as the new younger version of Henry, spent many years at the club earning millions, but couldnt beat a man, couldnt cross, couldnt finish. He was awful.

Mari was bought as a back up CB and does a job in that role


Ridiculous. Kid was 16 years old walking through the door.


You can’t sit here and say Mari is a competent backup CB when he’s complete dogshit and in the same breath say Walcott is one of the worst players you’ve ever seen in an Arsenal shirt.

Your eye for talent must be fried lol


Walcott receiving and England call up to the 2006 World Cup was the worst thing to happen to him. It meant he had unreal pressure on him before he’d even kicked a ball for Us. England fans pigeon holed him into the generational talent realm, when in reality he didn’t have the ability to warrant that. So now people think he didn’t fulfil his potential, even though he scored over 100 goals for us when he absolutely did. He didn’t reach the potential the British media thought he had.


Not really
I had however many season of watching Walcott play games and do nothing, bitch and moan about he wanted to play as the main striker, yet when he played there he did nowhere enough.
Not being able to get past a full back, not being able to cross a ball.
SO frustrating to watch. season after season. I was very glad when he was sold and he hasnt done anything since leaving us, proving my point.

I mean Walcott scored more than 108 goals for us in all competitions and he only cost us £5m.

That’s fucking good value for money, not to mention his 78 assists.

Like, he never lived up to his hyped potential but he was a good and loyal player for us for a decade.

No way he comes close to being one of our worst ever players. Especially not considering some of the shitters we’ve had in recent times - Denilson, Mustafi, Kolasinac, Perez, Squillaci, Silvestre, Almunia etc. And that’s just off the top of my head, there’s even more if we dig deep.


Walcott was fine, biggest problem was the strategy. He was clearly not ready yet but ate up a lot of first team minutes to eventually become decent in 4-5 seasons. Which I think was his potential anyway in the end. But we could’ve had someone else contributing while he was developing. Bad strategy.

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Yep too many bad habits allowed to develop and stopped him reaching his full potential.

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Said it a couple of times. I don’t mind the extension. I don’t mind the wage. I mind very much that he makes 2x what Saka is making.

Assuming that anyone has the correct wage figures of course. Doubtful.


Saka’s contract is comparison is no where near ending. When the time comes he’ll get that amount and then some

If Saka wishes to sign a new long term contract, I am sure the club will oblige and pay him as one of our highest paid players…


dunce hasn’t heard the totally non secret news that we have signed Jesus

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people tell me that guy knows ball? He’s a professional clown


Merson has some of the worst football takes. Just goes to show that being good on the field doesnt translate to having a great footballing mind. Absolutely braindead takes from this bloke.

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You think Nketieh is better than Mitrovic?

Needing a striker because Nketieh isn’t good enough is the opinion I’ve seen from basically 100% of Arsenal fans, so I’m not really seeing what’s odd here. It’s stating the obvious but what are you expecting from the Star.


Hang on didn’t a few people on here big up Mitrovic?

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I’ve said this before, and will say it again, really don’t have any respect for anything Paul Merson says about Arsenal now. He can hardly string a sentence together let alone make a coherent statement. I seem to recall last summer that he couldn’t understand why we signed Odegaard because we already had ESR?

Nketiah would get into a lot of teams, and he have put our faith in him by giving him a new contract. Over to him now to prove the doubters wrong.