Dušan Vlahović

A lot of the media assumed we’d be buying a striker because we’d sold Aubameyang and were going for a top four place.

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A lot of people were saying our interest was a smokescreen to get Juventus to pull their fingers out and make the deal happen, and they seemed to get it wrapped up quickly once their bid was made. Could be something in it.

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What I don’t get is why we don’t shut these rumours down quickly, like why the fuck would we care about a a deal between two broke ass Italian clubs. It’s different when it’s stuff like Maddison while we’re actively trying to get Odegaard over the line but when it comes to stuff like this we really should just declare that we have zero interest and like the Italian sides bore each other to death with their penny pinching.

Because I think the people running transfers at the club are still a little naïve/stupid.

They got a lot of good players in last summer, but I don’t know that I’d chalk any of that up to genius negotiating on Edu’s part. Most of what he’s done so far has been paying full price for players, paying release clauses and paying guys to leave.

It carried us from 8th to 5th which is fine, but I still don’t trust him.

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Do you think it’s on purpose though? Like by letting these rumors run it makes the club look like they’re active in the market?

That’s a duplicitous tactic I know for sure we used during the Wenger era, “the old we tried to sign” mantra, a coy half truth to placate the fans and hide his truely unambitious we had become as a club.

It wouldn’t surprise me if we were still doing that but I did notice a shift towards the end of Wenger’s reign and during Emery and Arteta’s. We’re now spending the money, sometimes too much and sometimes poorly, but we certainly aren’t playing a sly cheap game anymore

I know Juve aren’t up to much this season, does the same go for Vlahovic?

Hard to judge really. Allegri-ball is not serving him. Stylistically, he would have been better off staying at Fiorentina. Can still see glimpses of skill and there is a smart footballer there, but Juve are bringing him down.

Having said that, there is no excuse for not being able to score v Pablo Mari :sweat_smile:




Fuck him for jerking us around last January. I hope he regrets his decision.


If we got him we wouldn’t have got Jesus. Equally if he’d immediately said no we might have moved onto another target, bought them, and therefore still not got Jesus.

So I for one am glad :grin:


Basically, we were sad at the time we didn’t get him, and even sadder when we missed top four…but it worked out okay in the end because Jesus is our Lord and saviour


Did he jerk us around? It seems like the story never changed about him going to Juventus from what I remember. More likely that gullible Arsenal fans were giving up easy clicks to the baiters.


Yeah he said he never even discussed the possibility of a move to Arsenal with anyone. It was always just Juve with him.

Bet he is regretting his move now seems to have gone backwards in his development

As good as Jesus has been, id have preferred this guy

He is a goal scorer, proper goal scorer which is what I think we needed

Jesus seems to be dropping back deep, collecting the ball and driving forward meaning we have no one in the box most of the time it gets there.
We create so many chances, I wanted an out and out goal scorer to finish them.

The problem with players like this is you need the coach to play to their strengths. Lukaku isn’t as shit as Chelsea made him look.

At least with Jesus he seems a good fit for our coach, so for me that makes him better. I’m sure for another coach Vlad may be better.


Well I think we were in for this guy before Jesus, so not sure what youve said there is 100% correct.

Jesus’s wanted to play the #9 role, which is why he left City. Yes he tends to drop deep sometimes, but then that’s just him doing his bit to win the ball as high up the pitch as possible. Also, I think Mikel is playing a style where he wants goals from all of the front 3. I haven’t watched Dusan play so can’t comment on him but Jesus suits that style of play.

Also, maybe once Martinelli, Ode, Saka start producing quality more consistently, he’ll spend more time in the box than he’ll outside of it.