Dušan Vlahović

I wonder if there’s gonna be beef between Vlahovic and Xhaka.

I have the opposite problem. I still get asked for ID!

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We can let Xhaka leave :slight_smile:

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Why would there be?

Listened to this last night, sounds a very interesting player


Watch him. Fiorentina are the Italian team to support. They have the best kit for a start. And Florence is a great part of the world.


Albania / Serbia issues I assume

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Xhaka’s brother plays for Albania though.

The older brother who couldn’t be trusted with keys.

Edit, oh hand on, Serbia, yeah, I get it now. I am always slow

Yeah, did you forget this?

I watched all his goals on YouTube but he doesn’t paint the same picture as sitting down for the 90 minutes to watch a player. I’ll absolutely bow to your expertise on the player

I’ve been to the Balkans before. Lovely countries. Bosnia in particular is my favourite (word to @Pires - I’m coming there this summer after 2 years of having to suspend my annual visits).

The countries are all riddles with remnants of war and tribal conflict. I remember going to Mostar and from the Muslim side of the city you can see a giant cross that is visible from all sections.


Completely agree. Amazing part of the world.

We did an excursion whilst at Croatia to a few places so only briefly spent time there but it’s near the top of my list to go back.

Balkan cuisine is :fire: too, like meat heaven!


Yeah Phoebica watches Fiorentina religiously. I can say from maybe the games I’ve seen that he’s a supreme talent.

He’s not a “Piatek or Jovic” type talent where you’re not sure if he’s going to be good enough. He’s a top tier talent that’s a sure fire winner


I watch a lot of Serie A, but I especially watch Fiorentina. Scroll up, I was all over Chiesa junior years ago.

This dude is top scorer in the league, and his team aren’t even one of the “big” teams.

Cevapi is my addiction when I’m out there lol. Bro I can’t put it down I just eat it. So fresh, the warm bread with it, the onions :tongue::tongue:


I’m sure you can also vouch for the fact that the Serie A is a much better quality league than people who don’t watch it give it credit for

Serie A certainly surpassed La Liga the last few years.
PL is still the top dog but Serie A is second best for sure.

I know you do- hence the I’ll bow to your expertise comment lol. You’re always talking about those purple bastards


@CliftonGeraldi and @GC-Maniac similarity in avatars is spinning me right now


Yeah there’s definitely some Flynn Rider vibes from Vlahovic in that picture lol