Douglas Luiz

Anyone knows what a swap would mean for PSR?

I know what it could mean for ESR.


Happy birthday.

I don’t think it helps them, unless there was a significant drop in their wage bill. Would probably have to be a fee + player in exchange for this to work.

Notwithstanding what I said yesterday, if Villa are desperate and none of our midfield targets are available, there is probably a deal that could be struck with Villa for Luiz. I’d low ball them with a £30m offer and go from there!

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They’re fuming. :rofl:
Finally got back into the big leagues in Europe and the first thing they have to do is sell arguably their best player(it’s between him and Ollie).

They need to cut the shit though. They’re in Top 10 spenders in the world since coming back to the PL.
In that period they spent more than the likes of Real Madrid, Bayern, Atleti, Liverpool and many more.

It was bound to catch up with them.


Stop voting for processes that you don’t wanna abide to.


Not only that, if you hate the PL rules so fucking much, how about get the fuck out and go invest in some other league.
Go invest in Serie A where teams have it even worse with FFP.
Go invest in Ligue 1 where they still have got a TV deal for next season and because of it lower table teams cannot even enter the market.

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Came to say exactly this, everyone wants financial parity when they’re peasants but the minute they get a sniff of the cash it’s a whole different story.


This will be a fantastic deal for Juve if it goes through. Get rid of McKennie and get Luiz for 20m euro at the same time.


I would imagine the best financial benefit ffp wise for both clubs isn’t an actual swap.

Juve sign dougie 60m. AV can record as profit assuming they already accounted his original fee. Juve spread the cost over 5 years contract = 12m pa.

Villa sign Mckennie 30m. Juve can record as profit assuming same as above. AV spread it over 5 years at 6m pa.

Juve can get 18m accounting profit while Villa can get 54m, despite spending 90m total between them.

Must be something more to it cos I’ve been surprised we’ve not seen more of this from the likes of Newcastle, Chelsea and PSG tbh.

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I think I read somewhere that Villa did vote against PSR in the last 10 years.

Shame that the rest of the league doesn’t care for teams spending their way into relevance.

Villa, City and Newcastle can all get fucked.