Dominic Calvert-Lewin

Wearing clothes isn’t a distraction either

It’s not the clothes wearing, why are you people so obtuse it’s bearing on comical now.

Look at it from another perspective, it is quite possible the other activities has taken him away/distracted him from football.

Well in that case it’s weird that one of your stated reasons for preferring Jesus is that he wears normal clothes lol

Again you remove the context from what I posted. I even addressed it already so there is no point repeating myself.

Whenever you get called out on talking bollocks and being typically inconsistent, it is literally always someone else’s fault. Hilarious


So if he were a more successful footballer, his interest in fashion, unrelated as it is to his ability as a footballer wouldn’t matter.

And I can’t say I’ve met many people with kids under 5 who think that has made them better at their jobs :joy:


Glad we didn’t go for him. Has been struggling to get fit for some time and now yet another injury.
For a player so dependent on his athleticism his career could fall off the cliff soon. Shame.

Damn if that’s true then it’s looking very grim for them.

To lose Richarlison and then DCL to injury is like being put down by prime Tyson, oh well I suppose they have the amazing McNeil to carry them eh lol


Shit, I wasn’t even thinking about Everton in that context.
Yeah, they’re a bit fucked.

I am not being called, you fools just like to snip things out of context to make a none point.

If it makes you feel good by all means keep it up.

Who said better at they job…

Stop being pathetic you know full well the reason his fashion escapades are being highlighted, clearly because his on the field performance is shit.

The fact you you ignore the psychology behind the determination not fail when you have a family is ridiculous.

Fucking hell he must have tripped over his flares

Damn relegation favorites atm


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Everton really missed his goals when he was out last season but at least they still had Richarlison.

Without either, they are really going to struggle for goals, which means Lampard is likely to be favourite for the first manager to be sacked.

I’ve just had a look and he’s favourite anyway. :grinning:

Sad days when I was desperate for us to sign him


Just goes to show that fans are thick and should stick to get drunk and support the club.


Fucking hell man, you didn’t have to do @Calum like that.

I mean he’s not wrong


Calum is a strong minded man. I know he will understand. If every fan were like that Lee Gunner melt this club would be blown to pieces. There is a reason some people are employed to make footballing decisions and others to sit in an office all day pressing buttons.