Dominic Calvert-Lewin



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He’d be a solid acquisition


Not really a fan tbh, would prefer Toney if we’re looking at a target man profile


People sleep on DCL, I think he’s better than people give him credit for.


Not bad, but I prefer Toney at this moment in time.

is he as good as wiki is currently having him?


Impressive number of games for the U21 NT.

Poor mans Troy Deeney.

Like the vast majority of our signings this summer lol.

This summer has shown we can trust them imo

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I wouldn’t be pissed if we sign him but I do think Watkins and Toney have more in their game that will come useful at Arsenal.
DCL still has the edge age wise though and I do think a season under Rafa will be good for his development.

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Good buy, just need to change the coach. Honestly we have enough now to be pushing for a 4th place, a couple of solid editions for depth and variety and there’s no reason why we can’t make our way back into the top 4 then kick on from there. Just need a new coach, otherwise all this talent will be wasted same way we wasted Auba in his prime.

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Waaay to early for that conclusion.


Exactly lmao, people need to just chill and see who we get, everyone wants to be a super scout.

Watkins, DCL are not the most exciting and exotic names on the list- I get that- but I’d personally love to see how they could perform in our team. It would be exciting to see some newer, hungry strikers at the club.

I hope we get someone sorted in January.


Doubt it tbh

Ramsdale, White and Takehiro look to be smart signings and a solid core for our defence

Them we have Sambi as a very promising buy

People were saying shit like Ramsdale was one of the worst keepers in the league, I think it’s safe to say that he isn’t and those people didn’t have a clue.

People get way too ahead of themselves.


DCL is a limited striker at this point, if you look at the type of goals he scores it’s mostly tap ins and headers.

From what I’ve seen of Toney I’d have him over both Watkins and DCL, very impressive hold up play and all round game considering its his first season in the PL.

The way he’s adapted to every rung of the ladder in English footnall shows he may be an outlier.


Ramsdale has been the most impressive so far, the rest have been okay at best. Lokonga’s shown nothing.

It’s too early to be that conclusive that it was a smart window.



His clubs trophy drought looks older than he does

Tbh, I do think Everton will make it tough for us to buy Calvert-Lewin.
Long-term contract, young English international striker that has a solid goalscoring record the past years. Wouldn’t be surprised if they slap a £80m price tag on him so we can stay away.

I think Toney could be the most affordable one but I have no doubt we will get rinsed regardless when we sign a striker. I think it’s gonna cost us over £50m.