Diego Simeone


Not worried about it thankfully, I’d rather keep Wenger.


This man is on target for 85 points + again, how many goals have Atletico conceded this season ? Brilliant manager.


He has been so good that I am finally ready to forgive him for getting David Beckham sent off at the 1998 World Cup. As a 9 year old in love with Beckham, I honestly cried over that :see_no_evil:

But if he became our manager, I think I could get over that traumatic experience.


King of the 1-0.


Simeone is literally never coming here. Not when he got clocked off one of our scouts, among other things.


I’d love to see what he could do here. Why won’t he leave Atletico?


Everyone has a price.
It’s whether our board have the ambition.


We need this man to drag these players by their bollocks and turn them into winners and not players who are scared of there own shirt numbers . Enough is enough of this stagnated shit we are playing . If only Wenger showed as much desire as the fans we wouldn’t be in the mess.
Everyone has their price , it’s not as if the club is hard up if they are sell Sanchez and use the funds to get this man .


Glad to see the love for Simeone. He’s definitely a great manager who’s a lot more dynamic than people make him out to be. No matter who Atletico sell he can still make them competitive.

And yes, all’s forgiven for '98, even more so if he comes here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wouldn’t you have been like 3?!


4, but my football trivia is good! Plus my brother and dad never fail to mention it whenever we talk spanish football haha


Ah good on them. I never fail to mention it whenever I am on a date. Probably why I am single.


Either stop dating Argentine men or save it until at least the third date :thinking:


Haha I wish I dated Argentine men. I love an accent. In fact I only do accents. Last 3 boyfriends - Geordie, Irish and Canadian :sunglasses: so yeah, guys who I come across day to day just don’t fit my plan.


Growing up in Essex I can see why you seek completely different accents :rofl:


Innit though


What he’s done at Atletico has been amazing, similar to Wenger’s first 10 years at Arsenal but he should go out of his comfort zone now


Yeah right out of his comfort zone to Arsenal thanks.


We could have some amazing European nights under Simeone, at least being pragmatic gets you far in CL


That’s why Luca…