Diego Simeone


Issue we have is Wenger won’t go until his contract is up. Then we have the horrifying yet possible scenario where Wenger extends his contract, clearly a decision that is only up to him and not our useless board, in summer 2019.

The question is, in summer 2019, what on earth kind of shape will our club be in? Will we be contenders? Will Wenger “sabotage” us in that a new manager won’t ever do as well as he did with us? Will another team come in and gazump us from ever acquiring the services of Simeone?

The more I think of it, the less feasible this becomes. A real, crying shame, too, because for the last 5 years he’s been billed as the perfect replacement for Wenger




That isn’t true though really, is it? It’s a very easy way to heap every shred of blame on Wenger and absolve the board and owner of any blame. Of course they (mostly Kroenke) have a big say in whether he gets a contract extension.


He didn’t leave at the end of 17/18 sadly, but this is just outstanding, he’d have kittens at that 2nd goal we conceded at OT.


If we were going to get a manager that freezes out elite playmaking talents like Ozil, I would prefer it to be someone like this that sorts out the defence also.


To be fair to Emery it’s early days and some of these defenders at his disposal are absolute dog shit.

But I get the sentiment.


That was definitely the brief when Gazidis and co went looking for a new manager alright.


You gotta wonder what went on, sign him on 350k a week and then get a manager you likely knew would struggle to work with him :thinking:


I’m certainly wondering what the Ozil section of his “what to do with every Arsenal player” dossier that got him the job contained.


Give Mesut a back massage?