Dennis Bergkamp

Yeah it was thrown together and pretty much ghost written for a few extra quid.

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He’s level with Parlour, then :grin:

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True Arsenal legends.


Did anyone watch that interview that Wrighty did with Dennis?

There is genuine love and appreciation between those two. Wrighty in particular is still in awe of Dennis and just loves to be around him.

The thing that stood out from that interview is when Dennis talked about the intensity of the training sessions back in their day. He mentions how almost every training session would end up in a bust up between a couple of players and that 2 to 3 such bust ups in a week was common. That was how fiercely competitive the training sessions were. They were intense in training and intense in games.
There was none of this friendly banter and smiles that we see in the training sessions nowadays.

Obviously, this has a lot to do with the personality of the players that we had back then. Good old days.

Dennis will always be my favourite Arsenal player, the reason I became an Arsenal fan.


Great interview with two of my favourite ever players :heart: Will always be a privilege watching Arsenal during the late 90s into the 00s

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I don’t care what anyone says. Greatest goal of all time.


Some say he didn’t mean it, they can fuck off. The man’s a genius, the greatest player to play for this club.


A goal so good, no one has been able to replicate it


The best footballer this club has ever seen. Yes Henry scored all the goals but what Dennis had was pure magic. The complete footballer. Agression, Passion, Vision, Technical Ability, Spectacular Goals and range of passing. Simply the best.


I can’t figure how he can place the ball in that direction with the way his feet move.
There are few more goals he has scored which doesn’t look possible

Get Bergjamp to assist Arteta

I actually had high hopes for Bergkamp, particularly when he was working for his coaching badges with De Boer.

In any event, I think we need to step away from Arsenal men now. It worked with Graham but that’s about the only time it worked. The manager after Arteta (whenever that may be) has to be a tried and tested one.

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You think about Julian Nagelsmann, right?

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