Denis Suárez (signed)


That’s why Pepe makes sense. The guy runs at full force and can still maintain the dribble. Definitely need an outlet like that if we’re to have a technical player on the left like Iwobi/Özil.



Emery setting us up for our extended run at 4th-6th and Europa League Tilts :fire:.

Surprised some are making Coutinho comparisons in regards to the buy, Coutinho was only 21 when he joined Liverpool.



I think these are the type of signings we be going for as long as Kroenke is here. It be a Leicester City type project with the odd big name thrown in there to appease the fans. Even if we get CL football, I don’t think it change. Cheap buys, potential youngsters and the odd big buy is what we can hope for.

I never seen this lad Suarez play, so can’t say anything on him. If he comes here then he get my full support and hopes he proves a great buy.



Yeah let’s just forget the 120+ million we spent on Laca and Auba in the last 18 months… there really is no evidence for this narrative, in fact the opposite… we are spending more than ever and buying big when we see an opportunity… I reckon if there were 2 “lands” there have also been a few “misses” where we offered pretty big numbers.

We are self-sustaining, which is the same damn thing that it has been for a long time… that hasn’t changed and no money is being taken out and as we make more, we spend more.



Spending all that money on PEA was really a panic attempt to force us into either 4th place or win the EL. It showed absolutely no longer term strategy and we wouldn’t have done it if Lacazette wasn’t out for 10ish weeks.

My worry with Suarez is that he’s already shown what he can do and it’s just okay. Midfield depth is great considering we’re losing Ramsey on a free and Ozil can’t or won’t be playing every week. I just don’t know that signing a guy who couldn’t make it at Man City or Barcelona is the answer. He also isn’t really a winger is he?

If we signed Suarez for depth and one other projected starting midfield player who can dribble at people then I’d be excited.

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Pepe is rising his worth on a weekly basis. Will be out of reach by June.

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I don’t agree it was mainly panic… I agree there was an element of desperation, but I would say it was also opportunistic and it was an aggressive purchase for us, no two ways about it.

Panic was Ollie G AND Poldi the year we lost RVP… let’s try numbers and hope that somehow gets us close to similar quality.

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From an aesthetic standpoint I think we probably nailed it.



How were those panic buys? The moves were negotiated before the end of the season and they were absolutely worth the risk. Think about it, 12 million for a Ligue 1 champion and top scorer with Montpellier and then Poldi on a free were no brainers.
If we are talking about panic buys let’s talk about the time we signed Arteta, Mert, Andre Santos(after binning Traore who started at OT), Benayoun and Son.
Last January could be talked in the same vein as we had no plans of selling Alexis but once there was an opening we were quick in the search(panicked is a better word) trying to find a marquee signing(Auba).

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Not saying they weren’t worth the risk, but they were an absolutely underwhelming hedge against RVP leaving, which was increasingly certain… maybe panic isn’t right there either, but for sure I don’t see Auba as panic b/c that was BIG move and we had Laca already and we didn’t NEED to sell Alexis in middle of year - I think it was an upgrade given the situation … to me a panic is more a reaction to losing a key player and using a scattershot approach.

I"d agree Arteta could fit (Fab leaving), and a few of the others, but some of those weren’t supposed to fulfill a key player’s spot (like RVP, Fab), so I dunno - I guess it is a matter of criteria.



Panic buys(for me at least), is when you rush into the market to fix issues ASAP. This could lead into making a big miscalculation/misjudgement, overpaying for players, or finding the wrong players.

Technically this is what happened last January too. Got Mkhi in return on big wages, replacing a problem with another. Then, buying another striker we thought we could deploy in the wings, that in reality didn’t work, ending up with two players who perform their best as strikers.



Buying one of the top 6 or 7 CF in the world for 60 million quid in this day and age can’t be considered a panic buy lol.



We didn’t need to sell Alexis then is my point - and it came with Micki (which I would certainly characterize as panic-buyish)… The RVP and Fabregas situations were pretty much unavoidable given the RVP letter and Fabregas flirtations with Barca.

Like I said, the fact that Auba was a huge coup wasn’t a panic… Ozil similarly frankly, even if it was a bit random and opportunistic.



What does that have to do with being a panic buy or not?



Sorry I thought I read someone say that Auba was a panic buy ?



Actually, we gave it a go for 6 months with Alexis but the situation allegedly got really toxic that we were better off selling him.
The club had to find a suitor(even from the PL) and then a replacement in a short amount of time. The club literally stumbled upon the possibility of rejoining Auba and Mkhi and without much thought went in.



Yeah I think you have way more inside info than me… I definitely don’t interpret things from that lens.

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Yeah and I agreed. I explained it above if you want to check why.






I guess if we had purchased Messi after Alexis left, that would have been panic buy?