Denis Suárez (signed)


Can someone who’s seen him play enough give an honest and slightly more well thought out assessment, rather than “he’s shit”?




We’ve been had if we pay that



Elneny gets more playtime than this lad… would be suprised anyone has seen him play.



It’s not that he’s shit per se. I think with his handling of the ball and stuff like that he might prove himself to be useful. Fact of the matter is though that for a talent he is a bit old and going off that Guardian report he is also going to be relatively expensive. For that price, or a bit more, I think Arsenal should be able to find a player with more potential.



This is his best season

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IMO there are two types of loan now, buy later deals.

There’s the Mbappe loan now/buy later type of deal. You have a player that the buying team clearly wants on a permanent basis but for whatever reason (budgetary restrictions, Qatari blood money messing up FFP status, etc.) the buying team can’t afford to buy the player…yet. So you toss the selling team a relatively low loan fee, get the player early and build out the budget for the following window or following year to allow for a transfer fee to go the other way.

There’s also the Simone Zaza loan now/buy later type of deal. You have a player that the buying team might want on a permanent basis. There’s a little bit of try before you buy going on. That loan deal would have a trigger in it, typically a certain number of appearances. In the Simone Zaza example he had to play a certain number of games before West Ham were obligated to sign him for a set fee. What ended up happening was that Zaza was so awful West Ham just didn’t play him, appearance contingency was never triggered and he went back at the end of his loan.



The report Will24 posted from a Barce fan who feels he’s been mismanaged and wants him to stay, will give you insight. From what I’ve seen he’d be our best dribbler and second best playmaker.

You can watch his vs vid with every touch of a game to get an idea

Vs Barce 15/16

vs Sevilla

Vs Cultural



looks quite tricky on youtube vids and a good dribbler, dunno what he is like now though and dont know if being benched and barely playing he has lost confidence etc



Yeah we need dribblers, we basically only have Iwobi in the side who can carry the ball. It’ll be nice to have someone in the side who can carry from midfield.



Cheap fuckers.



Tbf, compilations usually don’t show the bad side as well.
As for the reasons he failed there I can imagine it had something to do with crumbling under the pressure. He’s playing with the likes of Messi and Suarez at probably the #1/#2 club in the world. We’re talking about a team where Thierry f’n Henry was scared to fuck up and became a much more basic and conservative version of himself.
Despite Wenger being slated for this, Arsenal having a chill and free vibe has allowed talent to prosper here.



i know they dont i was just saying from what you can see of him is that he is good at dribbling i know that compilations rarely show the bad. He looks like a player that can be good at passing and wriggling out of bad situations with the ball and has a good dribble but i havent been heavily following him at barca and i wonder what him riding the bench etc has done to his confidence and what player he is now but he looked at least beforehand somewhat decent.

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Insight into how he might be used.

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Interesting, seems like Emery prefers winger creative wingers who cut in rather than direct one on one types

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It’s not a good thing if that’s the case.



This much was said in articles/blogs which elaborated about his playing style when he joined us…Emery likes wingers who go inside and too have overlapping wing backs.

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That was his role with Villarreal no?



The :morocco: guy from Juve and Suárez

Madness pending

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You don’t rate that set up?



It’s cool to have that kind of player but I also believe you need the super direct 1 on 1 types, Liverpool and City have these kind of players and it makes all the difference going forward.