December Friendlies

I’ve just noticed this, hahah.

Here we go then:

ESR being ready for the West Ham match will be a huge boost.

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Not impressed that they are charging to watch the games

Members should be able to watch for free

Can someone sort the thread title out? “Friendlys” :sob:


Can’t believe it took so long :smiley:

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United losing 2-0

A friend pointed out to me that they have one too many players going deep in this WC.
It’s a shame they have a very easy schedule for the rest of the year, could have seen them hit a slump when club football returned.

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Was going to reply about even the lesser teams being tricky. But yeah; Forest, Wolves and Bournemouth. Doesn’t get easier than that. Not sure they’d change those fixtures even if they could!

Forest and Bournemouth being at home too. I just can’t see them slipping there.
They’ll probably take a draw against Wolves away with Lopetegui in charge but by even so, most of their players will be ready to go after that.

Btw, god willing we have no more injuries I expect this team to take on West Ham:

*Saka to make the bench.

Man like Laca :fire::fire:

Still croaking away.

Zinchenko injured again?

Am I fuck paying £5 for this

1 nil!

1 nil and bossing it.

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Great header too

2-0 Eddie.

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Vieira just scored a banger

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Sweet lead-up to it, too.

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