December Friendlies

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Shame we can’t use that tournament to embed January signings.


Although it’s called the Dubai Super Cup, it seems difficult to see what is going to be “super” about a few glorified friendly matches in a well known holiday resort for the rich.

Just call it the: The Players Not Going To The World Cup Friendly Trophy.


Maybe this format will catch on :sweat_smile:

Todd Boehly is already drawing up plans for the PL. :grinning:


Loool spuds didnt Even qualify for this tournament. Fucking dead Club.

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I take it that it’s being held in Dubai partly due to its proximity to Qatar so that any of our players that don’t make it through to the next stage of the WC can quickly come over and join in.

Good shout, may well be one of the reasons. Or will they be allowed a small holiday?

Imagine it’s both, quite often used as our warm weather training camp and popular holiday spot for the players. Add in the 1 hour flight from Doha and it makes perfect sense.

Looks like you’ll all get to see your favourite french striker again.

I imagine they’ll get a short holiday in proximity to the team/camp

That’s very marketable. I like it.


It’s probably got more to do with the wad the club is being paid tbh.


Where superstars shine, picture of Lacazette on the front :sob:

Yeah think we went to Dubai for warm weather training in January too.

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We lost to Watford 4-2 behind closed doors today.

Edu’s son played for Watford

Bring the Dubai Super Cup home boys :trophy::trophy:

Well at least that means Ode is okay after that injiry with Norway.

This? @Calum

Yes. Why would you bump the pre season thread instead hah

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