David Seaman

Outstanding anytime I saw Everton play in the second half of the season. Absolutely key to Everton survival but doesn’t fit the narrative of him being shit

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Didnt know Safe Hands was on the verge of joining United before he came to us @Ashgooner1

He was Hills
It was Ray Wilkins who told him to join the Arsenal as both Seamen and Wilkins were at QPR .
I believe Bob Wilson was at QPR doing goalkeeping training and I believe he also told Safe Hands to join.

Apologies of that muddy only I’ve lost my glasses again ,

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That’s fair enough, I’m not trying to say you are wrong to defend Richarlison if you rate him. I guess what I’m getting at is that you didn’t instantly dismiss Richarlison’s ability on the grounds that he’s playing for relegation fodder, so that probably shouldn’t be used as an explanation for why you don’t rate Pickford. Which shouldn’t be construed as me saying that rating Richarlison means you automatically have to rate Pickford too, I’m not saying that rating one while not rating the other is hypocritical.

It’s not so much that he plays for a relegation club but it goes back to the original point where Bent said that he rated Pickford higher than Seaman, which seems a strange thing to say considering that under Graham and Wenger, he was considered one of the best GK’s in Europe.

I doubt there are many other ex players that would think that so it must be Bent’s spurs links that have warped his views. :grinning:


Yeah, that’s fucking mental lol, no arguments from me.

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Has anyone seen David Seaman’s podcast?

Some good chats on there with other Arsenal legends!


That fucking double glazing advert. :see_no_evil:

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I was there

Didnt have a clue what hed done until we got out and saw it!





These guys have such a genuine affection for one another.



Forgot he called it a day halfway through the season