David Seaman

Just never seems to be discussed that’s all. I think Seaman was a top keeper but you rarely hear his name mentioned.

Yep agreed. He was up there for me but no one ever really said it at the time.

English goalkeepers never get any acknowledgement in European football. And in fairness, there have been very few top draw ones but Seaman certainly was up there.

In his own time, the only keeper I think was better than him was Schmeichel, and there wasn’t a lot in it.


What a shithouse this bloke is :joy:

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Safe hands jumping on the city bandwagon


To be fair he’s also reminiscing about some good times here.


To be fair, he did play for City back when they were a proper football club. That’s more reason than most pundits have to sing their praises.

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Yeah it’s the same with Peter Schmeichel. Of all United fans I know (which are too many), they’re fine with him playing for City back then.

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