Anyone watching the world darts championship?

A lady by the name of Fallon Sherrock is making history by beating men! Really good player

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If the ladies want to, they could, beat men in some other non-contact sports… Like snooker

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Is Barney still there

Nah he lost in the first round. A shell of his former self

I think darts is the great leveller. It’s a non-contact sport, as you say, and you don’t need a reduced number of sets to win if you’re a woman (like tennis) as you still get a chance for constant breaks.

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That’s probably the one thing standing in their way alright, wanting to do it.

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Go get the men…

Pretty big shell too

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Things you would never expect to read before Corona…



Its actually a very good concept this.

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That sounds good in fairness.

Actually going to the premier league of Darts in Dublin was the last event I attended pre lock down. Saw a nine darter thrown. Place went nuts!


World matchplay on tonight.

I’ll be tuning in if we go a goal down after 5 minutes :joy:

lets get this thread going @DavidHillier

Well, Ceballos almost made me an exclusive resident of this thread for the next 90 minutes :joy::joy: