Of course they have. Jeez.

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i’d laugh so hard if after all of this they et related i hope they go bust what they are doing is just stupid now.

Another frigging cm. Exactly what Forest don’t need. They already have Gibbs-White and Lingaard for attacking midfield and have recently bought a Brazilian playmaker.

O’brien and Frueler are new signings this summer and are ball playing midfielders. Yates is Cooper’s son and Kouyate is an experienced Premier League cm. Cooper won’t drop Yates or Kouyate so why bid for Danilo?

As they have an addiction for signing players lol

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Signing Brazilians to come and sit on a Nottingham bench during the winter is nothing short of cruel.

They should buy Belgian Bambi.

Danilo is not coming to Forest to sit on the bench lol and if he does, that’s a real sign of coaching and the transfer team being out of sync. He should be the starter #6

I tried this on Football Manager and so it will work in real life. They should play Kouyate as a centre-back.

Look, I know Danilo should be starting there. There’s no argument from me. Forest are my hometown team and I go to games.

Yates is a fan favourite and Cooper loves him. Kouyate has been one of the better players and Frueler is a Swiss international. Hard to see two of these being dropped to allow Danilo to start with one of GW, Lingaard or Scarpa.

Drop Mangala, no?

I wonder if this prompts is to GAZUMP THE STUMPS (trees, Nottingham forest etc)?

He’s been the best CB when fit.