They’re totally different types of signings. Mari was a guy who washed out at Man City, bounced around Spain and eventually found success in Brazil.

Danilo is a young guy looking to make his initial move out of Brazilian football.

He could obviously be a total failure, but at least he fits with the overall profile of guys we’re bringing in.

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Danilo has also been a key component of arguably the best club side in South America over the last couple years. And he got called up to the senior Brazilian national team this summer (although he didn’t play) despite just turning 21. No guarantee of success but he is on a totally different career trajectory than Pablo Mari.

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This guy has been spot on so far this window

Know nothing about him except he fits the profile we have been signing. Does anyone know if he’s good enough to do the business here and now? I mean, am not expecting him to be the finished article but at this price point, am expecting him to be much better than our current options.

‘working their nuts off’

Twitter please. Stop it.


They make it sound like they’re getting building work done for the Qatar World Cup, in baking hot sun, rather than sending a few emails. :grinning:


Having been away from FM for a while, what’s the work permit situation? No problemo due to him playing for Brazil?

Anyone know anything about this guy?

Portuguese speakers are taking over the club!

I wonder about this. He has been called up to the senior squad but hasn’t actually played. And he didn’t play for their youth teams.

We were “close to agreeing” the signing of Mudryk this morning. Then it died.

By the evening, the Danilo rumour will be dead and we’ll be “making an approach” to another target I’m sure.

“Exploring possibilities”, “submitting proposals”, “sizing up a bid”, “in contact with his agent” and all the other favourites will be on repeat in the next 30 hours or so.


The thing I don’t get is why we’re now scrabbling around to get this signing done with little over a day of the window left.

If he’s good and we’ve been following him for a while, try to sign him in July lol


Brexit has took away any problems signing players from South America

Are we though - if we ignore Twitter et al, is there really a panic at the club with a mad scramble or are Edu/Arteta working on players they have been for weeks. Maybe nothing comes of the players we have been working on but I cannot see it being the same scramble we had with Wenger/Gazidis

I think we were lining him up for January to allow Palmeiras to keep him for the rest of their season mate.

Now we need a DM more urgently so they’re trying to bring it forward but naturally Palmeiras want their man til the end.

My guess is that we were planning to sign him in January after the Brazilian season had finished but now we’re seeing if we can move the deal forward.

Palmeiras is in the semis of the Copa Libertadores and in a title race domestically so they have a lot of reason to wait until January.

no more posting for powder

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Anyone else getting the vibe they’re more interested in selling him than we’re interested in buying him?

Wouldn’t be surprised if like Douglas Luiz, the club moved on and wouldn’t pay anywhere near the fees quoted now for him.

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25m seems like peanuts for a Brazilian prospect, but I agree they may have missed their window of opportunity to sell to us. We are going to be a Champions League outfit next year and may have adjusted our targets.