He wasn’t in the squad in SF of CL this night…

Was suspended.


Finally a player

Only seen him via youtube comps but he is supposed to be very highly rated within Brazilian football circles and seems to have all the tools to be a DM in a 4-3-3 system.

On the surface at least it seems like a smart transfer for the long term. My guess is that he’s a Europa League player in the short term though.

Yes, get it done please

Never heard of him

Only seen Youtube clips obviously but he looks the goods. Similar to Partey in that he seems comfortable with the ball in tight spaces but at the same time it seems like his passing is a bit more progressive in the sense that he will try whip one down field after breaking up play. Seems like he throws himself around a lot too (in a good way).

I’d be happy with him and Mudryk to finish off our summer.

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He’s also won more than Kane


No need for passport when he comes to Heathrow with his blonde hair


I won most improved Cross Country runner my senior year of high school. I’ve won more than Harry Kane.


No idea if he’s any good but seems like we were interested already and brought this deal forward to cover the injuries.

He plays in midfield, that’s good enough for me.


Would anyone be satisfied if he signed but got loaned back until January?

I just hope this is not some Pablo Mari transfer.


no lol we need him now



Not ideal but I’d be grudgingly OK with it.

Getting the right player for the long term is more important than the next couple games. If Partey is only out a week or so and Elneny only out until the international break, we can survive that period. It’s not like Danilo is going to come here and play against United anyway.