Daniel Ek

I agree. It may (likely will) still turn out to be the case that the Kroenkes simply won’t sell. But its pretty clear that Ek is going to push the matter and the Kroenkes telling him they aren’t interested in response to his initial offer is perfectly consistent with them being willing to sell at a higher price.


^ This.

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I certainly wouldn’t say yes to the first unsolicited offer. Would listen to the second though.


@arsenescoatmaker is, I think, correct on this. I went through some legal proceedings to sort out my daughters place at her SEN school last year and fax was the only way the documents could be submitted. It is a legal thing.


On a slight aside, but still relevant to the argument, emergency prescriptions can still be sent to a pharmacy from a surgery by fax in order to make it legal (and therefore subsequently furnished)

A scanned and uploaded prescription via email is worth nothing to a pharmacy or patient. It remains the case today.


I’m not doubting there are legal proceedings that require a physical signature, I’m saying nothing that is going on at this stage of proceedings where Ek is essentially asking for a date fit that requirement.


I’m very interested to see this play out, I still think if it were to happen it would have to be for a record amount in world sport.

Not sure how far EK can push the issue though.

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I lol’d but in all honesty do u think Lord Harris of Peckham knows how to use an E-doc??? :joy::joy::joy:

When I worked in wealth management the only methods we ever used was the client coming in to sign the document, signed originals dated and notarised sent by express courier or a scanned copy of the originals with the originals to follow within a couple of weeks.

We never ever faxed anything anywhere, why would you when a scan converted into PDF attached to an email is faster and more secure?

United faxing Real Madrid is just a weird anachronistic hangover from the 90s in an industry that is notoriously old school and slow to adapt.

No way Ek and his people are faxing Kroenke anyway, it’ll all be done by email or maybe physical documents sent by courier.


Do you think ek’s persistence and maybe putting some temptation to sell into kroenkes head will stop any major investment this summer? I mean why would the Kroenkes invest £100 mill + to strengthen an asset that they plan to sell anyway.



Sources close to the Ek camp have disclosed that a second bid ‘north of £2bn’ is being readied and that they ‘are not going anywhere and want to get a deal done’.

It’s going to require something closer to $4bn. Then again if we’re already at £2bn and more, things could get very dangerous for the club

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Nobody in their right mind pays 4b for Arsenal, absurdity.


If someone will pay $75 for a candle that smells like a vagina, then someone will pay absurd money for Arsenal :slight_smile:


You could be right.
If Kroenke is tempted to sell then he certainly won’t be investing in this transfer window.

Saying that, I don’t think he’s going to be investing as much as some of the rumours are saying so it might not make much difference anyway.

I don’t know what Arsenal is truly worth but Forbes valued the team around £2bn a couple months ago. Ek is a smart guy. Start with a lowball offer to test the waters just in case they really want/need to get out, now make a competitive offer to keep probing, knowing you’ll probably need to go higher in the end. If he really wants to buy the team, he’s probably thinking about how to make that happen at the best possible price within the next 6-12 months, not how to acquire the team immediately. I would expect the £2bn offer to be rejected again and then Ek to come back again and then we’ll really know what is going on when he starts offering some kind of premium to the Kroenkes as an incentive to sell.

As much as I want Kroenke to sell, it does mean we need another poor season for him to decide it’s not worth the aggravation and maybe for the value of the club to drop so Ek can buy it.

$4bn is about £2.9bn so it’s not that outlandish if Ek is already at £2bn.

He’s going to have to pay over the odds and I don’t think his support of the club alone is driving his interest, which should be slightly concerning


At least I feel the sincerity of Ek.