Current Best Coach (Top 5)

Can’t really find a topic on this; in lieu of the Best Player list. Who are OA’s Top 5 Coaches at the moment?

Here is my Top 5:

  1. Jurgen Klopp
  2. Pep Guardiola
  3. Sarri
  4. Erik Ten Hag (made it to the Semi-Finals last year and is off to a good campaign this year with a squad 1/10th the budget of the big clubs.)
  5. Tuchel
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Klopp Pep TT Ancelotti are my personal faves.

I’d be lying if I had an opinion on others because I watch fuck all football

Also I don’t think they’re the best, there are others that are probably better. But those are my faves


I like your list… ten Hag seems a weird placing but you can’t really take away last season’s unbelievable CL adventure… one of the best stories in that comp for donkeys.

Although, obviously the list would look better if it were this:

  1. Thomas Tuchel
  2. Tuchel Thomas
  3. Tuchel, Thomas
  4. TT
  5. Der Kaiser Thomas Tuchel

It would be interesting to see if anyone has a name other than these two for top spot and the reasoning. :slight_smile:

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  1. Klopp
  2. Pep
  3. Conte
  4. Allegri

Don’t have a 5th

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I’m the same as this but I’d throw Sarri into the mix as well as he’s a tremendous coach.

And Pep is number one for me.

Can’t have Allegri… coaching football on a beach somewhere doesn’t count. :sunglasses:


When you think what Ten Hag is doing on a shoestring budget compared to the usual suspects… he is doing a great job. And this season, despite losing Frenkie and De Ligt, he is off to another good start in the league and in the CL.

I think he was nominated for Coach of the Year as well by FIFA. I am not saying he is on par with others over the course of his entire career.

But, if we think of current best coaches, it’s hard to deny him his spot in my opinion.

Tuchel, I like him, but considering he is active in a 1-horse league and didn’t get that far with his star ensemble in the CL, I cannot justify putting him in the current Top 5.

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Where’s emery guys? :henry2:

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Not seeing Simeone’s name so far, for shame.


Is he currently deserving of it though?

In the past, he did remarkably well, but currently seems to have his star faded a bit…

Is it because PSG just got a win against Real?

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Ten Hag/Nagelsmann/Sarri


Because we all know that Arteta is the architect of that success. :sunglasses:


The kind of football Ajax’ plays doesn’t lie but I feel like Ten Hag should do more to be considered to be on these kind of list tbh.


Ajax coaches are really hard to judged because both of how Ajax are structured and the level of the Eredivisie. It’s very easy for manager to achieve success there only to flop hard once moved.

  1. Pep
  2. Klopp
  3. Simeone
  4. Allegri/Conte
  5. Poch

Does Poch get in all these top 5 for the many putting the pressure on trophies he’s won?