Crystal Palace Vs Arsenal (PL)


It will be close and maybe a few goals.
I’ll go 3-2 to us.


I’m worried about Arsenal.

We sit in the 6th position, scored only 34 goals [same as Chelsea, but they conceded only 14] and conceded 23 [same as Liverpool, but they have scored 12 more goals].

We’re 6th despite many first team players haven’t featured in the UEL, playing one game per week. The other top five teams played a much more difficult competition using the same players - more or less - and are ahead of us.

The positive things are basically three: Özil form, Ramsey & UEL draw.


Looks as though the Wenger defender’s are completely run out of excuses for his failings, hopefully only 18 more months of it and we can get the rebuild rolling.


Arsène made three huge mistakes after the FA Cup: signed the contract, hasn’t reinforced the team (because Kolasinac and Lacazette can’t be enough if you sell the backups on the flanks and remains with Elneny and Coquelin as first reserves behind Xhaka and Ramsey), kept Sànchez.

I hope Sanhelli and Gazidis will convince Kroenke Sr and Jr to find a solution at the end of the season.

I’m sorry, and you know why, but we need to move forward because I refuse to be the 6th team in England and have a bad reputation around the Europe.


Trample them


Just a win today. Thanks! Gonna be difficult with Palace and Zaha so in form.


Preemptive Wenger is a shit manager post.



Chambers :slight_smile:


Thank fuck Wenger has picked Kolasinac again!!

Pleased to see Chambers back aswell


Wow Chambers! Think he can do well in that position.


Good lineup bar Xhaka. Hope Chambers can grab his chance.


Good to see Wilshere starting again and the same attacking line up.
That’s a pretty strong team, so we should be able to win this.
I’m sticking with 2-1 to us, Mustafi and Lacazette to score.


Nice line up!


Let’s do this


It’s a worry when one of the last threads I check when I wake up is the game thread that’s starting in 30 mins :neutral_face:


Souness is already angry with us and we haven’t even kicked off yet. Love it.





So tight haha, god we’re shit at the back