Crystal Palace Vs Arsenal (PL)


This fixture last season for me has to have been our worst performance of the season. A relegation battling side demolished us 3-0. We have been proper shit on the road this season and Palace haven’t lost in 8 games going into this so we can’t be soft cunts again and start shit like we have in every game we have played recently. Win this!!

Who would win in a fight?

  • Kayla the eagle
  • Gunnersaurus

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Bare in mind Palace’s mascot is an actual real life bald american eagle and not some guy in a costume :joy:

Match Result?

  • Crystal Palace win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Very tricky game. Need to be at our best.

I think we will edge it, but it will be a sorta burnley game where your shitting bricks pretty much until the last minute.

The eagle wouldn’t be able to do requisite damage with all Gunnersaurus’ padding and when he’d tired himself out Gunnersaurus would fuck him up!!


Crystal Palace 2-1 Arsenal. Nightmares about the game we played against them in April, Palace have been going ok since the first 8 games and we have only won 2 in 9 away from home in the League.

I think this’ll be a we’re the better team but somehow lose like 2-1. Although I seem to recall Hodgson not putting up too much of a fight for Wenger in the past so maybe not.

Not even worried about this one. We’ll win.

Comfortable Palace drubbing. Zaha to bamboozle our defence with some average stepovers and net a hattrick.

You channeling your inner @GunnerGirl

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No, I predict us to lose/draw plenty. But Big Weng and The Hodge are bezzies. Woy will just send his players out for a training session… no, but seriously, for some reason I just don’t see us losing this one.

I think we have a nice run of PL fixtures coming up… We have to play Palace twice, West Brom, Bournemouth, Swansea… this is the start of a good run, mark my words! Even the Chelsea game next week, I fancy us.

3-1 win. Idc if they’re on a good run their defence will get a roasting. Laca brace

Need to mark Zaha out of the game. Palace are basically him.

I do hate you and your stupid predictions. Watch us lose now.

We drew v Liverpool and I didn’t predict so Arsenal clearly nothing without my predictions motivating them

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Yeah, but you usually predict us to win easily. It’s scaring :smile:

It’s called faith, Luca. We are the faithful, are we not?

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Not with Wenger no :wink:

I’m sensing a Laca goal here think the smaller pitch will suit him

Bah, humbug!:wenger:

We’re evenly matched considering their form. I’ll take a draw!