Crystal Palace Vs Arsenal (PL)



Well we won


Good performance. Controlled that but the missed sitters let it be a lot closer.


Only at Arsenal and Liverpool it is not over even if you are 2 goals up FFS! At least we have started scoring again.



Nailed it




and all because sanchez wants to get away!


Only the 3rd away win of the season.


Good win.

I want top 4!


He was furious we were winning at half time, it was pretty weird haha


What an odd game… thought we actually played really well… mostly… and then we nearly committed suicide again. We are a bit lucky they only scored 2 if I am honest. Our team still has no idea how to defend AS A TEAM. Bellerin individually was a shambles, but he had a tough task out there. Our midfield/defensive combo and communication is atrocious - don’t understand how we simply look like a random assemblage of players from back to mid sometimes.

Having said that, Jack, Ozil (bar his lack of finishing), and Sanchez were fantastic. I also have to give credit - Xhaka looked like a proper DM/DLP for once - dare I say Arteta-esque - kept it simple, moved it quickly, lots of one touches and seemed to have his wits about him more than normal.

One MAJOR caveat - Crystal Palace might as well have been playing “how do I make a game as easy as possible for an Arsenal team?” for about 70 minutes of the game. I seriously can’t imagine what that was about. We should have scored more and they could have scored more, but their tactical set up was tragic. It gave our midfield acres of space and lots of time - the exact wrong way to play against us.

Great result during busy period and an away 3 points… COYG!


On Sky Henry and Souness said it looks like a divide in the team as all the players didn’t celebrate with Sanchez.

Very noticeable tbh on the replays. Interesting


Plays into the weird ‘ITK’ Twitter people that keep mentioning this too. Could very well be the case.


And they’re lucky we didn’t score 5.


Yeah game could easily have been something like 6-3 or 6-4 to us lol… such a strange game.




Are we really surprised? The defence will never exist under Wenger.


Maybe that is why Ozil is playing so well now because he knows he has backing and is comfortable again and knows sanchez is on his way out. Sanchez is a bully and i can see him starting on ozil a lot in training and even behind the scenes and maybe even in the dressing room. I reckon if Ozil doesnt pass to him straight away or perfectly he will go off on him. People praise their telepathic play but that has come from basically neglecting the rest of the team to make that fucker happy. Ozil has said himself that he has to feel comfortable and happy to perform and i reckon recently he has been the exact opposite but maybe recently he has been told Sanchez will be leaving.


Man it’s such a reach to put Özil’s form down to a negative influence from Sanchez.

I know you don’t like the guy but c’mon son.