Crystal Palace vs Arsenal (PL) 0-2

:soccer: Crystal Palace vs The Arsenal

:calendar: Friday 2022-08-05T19:00:00Z
:stadium: Selhurst Park
:busts_in_silhouette: Capacity 25,456
:tv: SkySports


Thought id start this off as I haven’t yet started a new thread, and I’m also after tickets if anyone knows of any floating about! :ticket:
The usual summer credit refresh has put us down just underneath the required amount so we need some from somewhere else!

Let me know


  • Crystal Palace win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Decent effort. B+

Pics, temperature and attendance predictions needed to push you into the As.

Thankyou lol

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Need the kick-off time for every timezone and is there any chance we could have that information in the bar below the title so we can see it before opening the thread? Cheers

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I looked at that but am unsure how to do it

Also, we have this tradition of posting swimwear shots of the best looking players from both teams in the match day thread. So if you could do that now that would be great.



On it

Just realised I’m at a festival for this game, fuck

That’s a ban worthy offence mate…

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Which festival? Better be a good one

Wilderness! I’ve heard it’s a great one

Haha of course it’s the middle class boutique festival. Are you glamping?


Ahh shit my brothers stag kicks off that night

Fuck it I’ll stick the game on regardless

:joy: :joy: I’m a walking stereotype - tbf im only going because loads of my mates are

They’ve all said it’s incredible and I missed out the last couple years


Tags, poll and some extra stuff added

Wheres the clock emoji disappeared to!
Took me ages to find that!!

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We don’t need it.

Of course we do

Is this forum becoming a censored dictatorship ? lol

Vieira versus Vieira. Here we fucking go.

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Date and time are on the same line