Crystal Palace v Arsenal (PL)

I recall Mavropanos having a mare

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It depends if Chelsea are motivated enough.
They are still in the CL and FA Cup, so they might rest a few players when they play us.
I think the NLD is arguably the most important game of our season and it will come down to which manager and players handle the pressure the best.

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Wrong CB starting from M.


That defence and midfield is probably the worst we’ve put out, no wonder we let in three goals at home to Crystal Palace.
Apart from Kos, most of them aren’t good enough to be bench players.

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Superb day out in Ayr. Good weather also.

Already planning on going back next year as love being all dressed up in the suits etc

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Anxiety setting in.

I can just imagine that cunt Neville sitting their smugly after the game if we drop points. I want us to win even more just to avoid that biased prick taking shots at us


Its Carragher and Rooney on MNF.

It’s a Gary Neville free zone

Fuck me, double Scouse.

Good luck to the subtitler at Sky.


We’re gonna do this


Tonight is one of those pressure games that we have routinely lost since we fell out the CL.

The last game of the weekend, a rival has leapfrogged us but we still have the ability to keep our destiny in our own hands. That’s a definite fail in the late Wenger / Emery era.

Huge test away from home against a very tricky opponent.


Come on Paddy V. If you still care about us, you know what you need to do.

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Zaha en Olise are out, right?

Looks likely that they ar, yeah

Stress levels through the roof…

I am totally chill. We got this.


Those wingbacks :partey:

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My optimism is through the roof right now which makes me nervous. I hate playing on Monday afternoon.

Doesn’t hurt… I think it takes away one of their scary options on the counter. I feel like we should be able to contain them normally and question is just how early do we score to change the game.

I can see a 2-2 draw this evening.


3-0 to the arse. Think we will wipe the floor with these feckers. Cant wait to TheFightingCock and chill after the game. COYG