Crystal Palace - Arsenal (PL) 0-1

Saka handing over the duties :scream:

Oh fuck off since when do they check things like that? Absolute cunts

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Like I said earlier, VAR checking only cause it’s Arsenal

Whenever it’s us, you should know this by now lol



He’s been great at pens this summer, I support this move with him as the PK taker

As I said in the Pepe/Walcott thread. There’s a clear agenda against Arsenal, the evidence is mounting.

have the lead now, please play with some more confidence

#1 nil to the ars-e-nal#

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Eddie has been the difference up front tonight.
Another good game in Jesus’ absence.


Good pen by Ode, good work by Eddie to win it.

That run up made me shook

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Saka off spot kicks….gd gd

Excellent pen El Capitan. Great run from Eddie too

Let’s see what our defence is capable of now then.

Same here, usually that run up ends in a massive disappointment

Partey, shocking again. Should’ve just cleared it.

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super lazy pass by Partey, causing the turnover

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Tbf Odegaard put him in a useless position and Saka was nowhere to be seen.

Still poor from Partey he should’ve just pelted it but they didn’t help him

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Any decent free kick taker should’ve scored that one. Christ that was poor AF

#we won the league at Anfield
We won it at the Lane
Stamford Bridge, Old Trafford…#