Cryptocurrency (nonce dollars)


That’s because they have to be mined. Run some script and a year or so away, you get one bitcoin.

IoTA is not mined, so that’s one way of combating power usage.


Just realised I can’t buy IoTA using fiat currency.
And Coinbase doesn’t support India.



Can you only buy iota with crypto?


Yeah it seems so .Binance asks for Bitcoin to purchase IoTA


Oh that’s a shame, i don’t really want to mess around with buying bitcoin so I can buy Iota etc.

I’ll have to look into it


Neither do I.
We will have to ask @Forever to buy it on our behalf :smile:


90% of Cryptos trade against BTC. Not a big deal, deposit fiat to coinbase and buy BTC / ETH or LTC.



Majority of my portfolio is Ethereum and Ripple.

IOTA doesn’t make any sense to me - nor does litecoin. Why would you use either when Ethereum is a better?

As for Ripple, I bought around 8600ish when it was at 0.20EUR or something like that. It’s by FAR the most convincing currency and has the largest adoption out of them all. It’s now up at 0.45EUR or something, which is still cheap in my opinion.

Btw I use Kraken - I got verified within a couple of hours, SEPA transfer showed up within 16 hours (via HSBC). It has its issues going down and all, but the limit orders work fantastically well.


Coinbase are pissing me off. They wanted ID so I scanned it in. This was 4 days ago. Still not heard anything.


Strange I have zero trouble with Coinbase. Sepa transfers arrive within 24h and I got verified within a day as well.

Kraken I heard is very unstable, but I can’t acknowldge since I don’t use it.

Dips were today to buy in again. Expecting a rally up again this weekend.

P.s. try bitstamp @Midfield_Maestro


Didn’t have any trouble with CoinBase ID either, was confirmed within an hour. But this was before holy shit broke loose with crypto.




That’s a lot haha


Long live ripple.

I’m like 230pct up on my holdings. Loving it. I wouldn’t call it a typical crypto currency since it isn’t decentralised but it’s probably the most convincing out of them all.


Can someone explain the benefit in investing into actually holdings of a cryptocurrency and not in an ETF? Why would you hold the risk of your coins potentially being stolen/fraud etc?

On the same token why bother with coinbase? Coinbase are not liable for your holdings and you yourself are not in possession of them a 3rd party is? So why is that considered a safe place to hold something?


How do you guys feel about Bitstamp or Kraken?

I’m about to finally to take the step


Also, if it’s all so unregulated, why do they need copies of my passport/bank statement/etc.?

Could this not all just be one huge identity fraud farming operation and everyone that gets involved in investing crypto is basically just giving a bunch of criminals all their personal details?


That’s standard KYC procedure against fraud and ML.


Looks like massive dips across the board for all cryptos. There must have been a selling frenzy overnight.