Cryptocurrency (nonce dollars)


I work for a firm which is entering IoT. Next time I find the CEO, I will pitch him the question of application of IoTA.


I’d like to get involved but I find all the jargon and financial talk to be totally bemusing. I’d have literally no idea what I am doing, which makes me feel like it probably isn’t wise for me to start spending money investing


Seeing the rise of Litecoin I contemplated buying a few but I feel it’s just out of reach in terms of price of what I’m happy to lose and at the same time when does it get to a point where you’re just buying in for the sake of not missing out?

I’m really excited about IOTA and did put a bit more money into it, currently standing at 200 MIOTA and that’s as much as I want to go. There’s a few upcoming announcements due from IOTA which people are predicting will see it’s value surge. I know today there’s an event where they have a meetup with Bosch and some other companies hopefully to announce more partnerships.


LTC hitting 340 euros… I am watching GDAX, it’s in a frenzy the orders…


Massive help, thanks! Having clients pay you in CC is a great idea for you to be fair.

What sites would you reccomend to use for LTC and IOTA?

@JakeyBoy Im no expert either but I don’t believe it’s that difficult. Its just a matter of finding a centralised exchange site that suits you and stick some money into it.


I deposit euros (I live in Amsterdam) on then transfer these funds to GDAX (Coinbase’s sister site, it’s more professional and the fees there are considerably lower, besides it’s free to move funds from coinbase to gdax). On GDAX I invest in Litecoin and Ethereum (there is also bitcoin, but it’s stupidly expensive). I convert x amount of euros to BTC just for the purpose of transferring this BTC to Binance where I purchase IOTA with bitcoin. Currently holding 100 coins of IOTA, bought in at 3.5 dollars per coin on Binance.

If you plan on holding and want 100% safety, you can transfer your coins to a wallet from any of the exchanges.

I hold mIOTAs for the long term. If it gets to say 50 dollars, 100 dollars multiplied by 100. Not a bad return.

By the way, if you decide to use coinbase, then you can use this link: - we both get €8,- worth of Bitcoin as a gift. Referral reward. You don’t have to of course and you can also use other websites to deposit fiat money, but I have found coinbase to be the easiest one and pretty solid.


This LTC price rise :joy::joy:


Ethereum now also 30% up at 520 euros.
LTC 106% at 311 euros.

Trading in LTC right now is a frenzy, price changes constantly. Been seeing peeps selling off 300 coins, buying 300 coins back and forth. Those are some sweet sums!


Yeah, just looking at them now on my Coinbase app :joy:

LTC up 96,28% in the past 24 hours.


God trading it sounds so convoluted, why do you need to use like 3 different websites?


Well, same reason one would use different exchanges in the non-crypto trading world. Certain exchanges list certain companies that others don’t. As for depositing money, it has got to do mainly with regulation and law. Most exchanges don’t accept fiat deposits, hence the need to go via, let’s say coinbase.

It is what it is. It is quite easy though, once you have got your system in place.


Whats the best alternative to Coinbase?

I’ve tried signing up using your referral but it’s glitched out and now wont accept my credentials. Also the dashboard just hangs forever (no pun intended). The site must be overloaded right now.


It’s one of the most popular platforms and with the recent explosion in interest in crypto it has been having issues indeed.

I heard Gemini is also pretty good. but I think it only accept US dollars.
Kraken accepts Euros, but is also often shaky due to high traffic.


Been monitoring Litecoin and watching sell and buy orders, it’s been a frenzy!


Right sorted the account on coinbase (hopefully with your referral). However now they are not trading Litecoin and ETH till further notice :joy:


Get into IOTA whilst it’s still relatively unknown :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks! Keep me posted how it works out for you and if you have got any questions shoot them!



Saw one yesterday along the lines of:
“Dad I want a Bitcoin for Christmas”
“They cost £15,456! £11,213 is a lot of money, do you think I just have £17,332 lying around?”


How can you combat the higher power usage these things require and why do they use so much electricity?