Cryptocurrency (nonce dollars)


And just like that Litecoin spikes today


The arrows indicate where I partially sold some of my LTC in order to buy more ETH. If LTC drops back to under a 100€ I’ll buy in again to even out.


Interesting read here on Bitcoins carbon footprint.


Lol was gonna say just like paper money tbh. As long as someone is willing to pay you for something or trade for it, it has value. You can buy almost anything with bitcoin.


Just like gold. Just like silver. They are stones we attach value to because of their relative scarcity. Same with bitcoin, there is a finite amount of bitcoin to be mined, that’s the way it is designed and programmed. Hence, they call it Digital Gold.


The hype got to me.
Learning about Cryptocurrency here :

Please recommend me a platform where I should purchase & store IoTA.
Can I move the coins to some other platform later on?


I bought my IOTA through Binance. From what I’ve read there are no wallets available just yet but there are developments so we should get one soon. In the meantime mine is still on the exchange until something secure is available.


How much is that course?


It is free.
When you enroll, select the option to audit the course without the certificate.



Have you enjoyed it so far?


Had work so only completed Week 1 so far, Apart from Lecture on Hash(second lecture), it is easy to understand.
Do expect these courses to be bit on technical side which is good to understand the real purpose Cryptocurrency was made for. It wasn’t created for investment.

(Was always interested in cryptography so I have patience for it. There are free courses on cryptography on there as well)

Also the course would help form the basics to understand below whitepaper -


I deposit fiat money via Coinbase. Then transfer my funds to GDAX for Eth, BTC, LTC. For altcoins, like IOTA, I transfer funds from coinbase/GDAX to Binance or Bittrex for other currencies.

Whenever you want to take out your profit(s), I wire everything back to Coinbase and withdraw to my bank account.


Thanks. Will check them out.


So who’s into LiteCoin?..Happy today? :smiley:


I am what a gains today!

I’m invested in Litecoin, Ethereum, Iota, Neo, Monero, Cardano and a little bitcoin. Litecoin gave most returns over one year from all of them.


woke up to €220 for 1 LTC

bought in at €80 per LTC


Do you think LTC will continue to rise?

Also a bit of a noob question, but the more people invest in it, the more the value rises? Or is it dependant on other factors?


The thing is, nobody really knows. LTC was stagnant for weeks and I read on reddit some people started selling off their LTC coins to buy Bitcoin (because it was rising insanely at the time). Now of course these people regret it. Imagine someone had 10 coins and now the value raised with more than 100 euros in 1 day. That’s 900 euros profit if you bought them at 100 each (currently LTC is around 240 euros).

It rises indeed because more people invest in it, that is about the only factor for it to increase. The reason more people invest into it is because of development and news. LTC’s founder was doing a couple of shows last few days on American mainstream media shows and there is a direct correlation between these shows and its meteoric rise now.

Also a big factor right now is all the new money that came into crypto because of Bitcoins stupendous rise. Now some people are starting to diversify their bitcoin investment and a lot have put into Litecoin.

Also don’t forget when Bitcoin was below a 100 dollars, some people didn’t invest because they thought it was expensive and unsure of its potential. Then when it was 200, 500, 1000 didnt’t invest. Now it’s 14.000+ euros. Just to illustrate that the perfect time is hard to tell. It might dip again LTC, but it might as well continue to rise.

As people in cryptoworld say: only invest what you are prepared to lose. This is the right mindset. Personally, I think you are safe with the big 5, but always keep in mind there is a risk, since you are partaking in financial trading and nothing is set in stone.


Also Ethereum rose from 390 to 460 euros overnight. Not as crazy as LTC, but it is a more expensive coin.

When I started investing coins, I put money in most of the top 5. The newest addition to my crypto portfolio is IOTA, which entered this top 5 or 6 in the last month. It’s still very cheap and I predict it will rise as well over the next year.

See it as an investment and don’t look back for a year at least. Don’t let dips freak you out, almost all of the large coins bounce back and go higher than ever before when they dip.

I have so far only made profits. Modest ones at this time, but I am expecting great returns end of 2018.

p.s. I am actually hoping LTC dips hard even though I am holding a few coins, because I want to buy fecking more of it at a lower price. Right now it’s almost at 255 euros. :rofl:


Great thanks @Forever

I invested in Bitcoin in 2015 and forgot about till two weeks ago. Made a nice sum, but like you I want to create a portfolio of investments and leave them be for a few years. I may go with Litecoin and IOTA to begin with.

However what worries me is its almost like a pyramid scheme. As soon as people get bored or stop investing, it will stagnate and drop. These CC’s need to be embedded into mainstream society eventually to make huge gains surely?


Congrats on the BTC success!

Every stock is a pyramid scheme, if all those who are holding significant amounts of money pull out it will crash. Bitcoin made its first steps into the mainstream now that institutions are able to trade / bet on it with futures.

Personally, I don’t think Litecoin or IOTA will fall apart, too many people are invested and it has too much real potential (especially IOTA on the technical side). Litecoin is more Silver to Bitcoin’s Gold. Litecoin also has faster transaction times and is better suited for micro-transactions.

I am self employed and I am actually now proposing to my clients to pay me in fiat money or in Litecoin instead (and the LTC will be determined on the day of transaction, to keep the exchange rate profitable for myself, otherwise of course I prefer normal cash). Not that they pay me in LTC now, but even if it is one or two to begin with, it’s a beginning to make it a real world alternative to fiat.

My personal opinion is that you cannot go wrong with the Top 5. Anything else is a risk, but probably higher rewards (at $4.40 per mIOTA, it’s a great potential as well. Say you invest 440 dollars for 100 coins. It rises to 100 dollars in 1-2 years, you make a nice 10.000 dollars on that 440 investment.)

p.s. LTC nearing 300 euros… insane… 105% raise in 24h.