Cryptocurrency (nonce dollars)


Must you use BTC to buy IOTA?


No, pretty sure you can use some of the other ones.


Thought I’d share:

I’m also invested in IOTA so monitoring the situation. :wink:


BTH or ETH at least on Binance.
I think Bitifinex also accepts USDT or EUR


Maybe not big world news, but Tine the largest dairy producing co-operative in Norway has said that it wants to digitise farms using IOTA. They use a little t of robotics technology already from what I understand as it’s cheaper than having people do it.


Bitcoin is nearing 15.000 euros :rofl:


Whoop whoop

Ive got this as my homepage now

Yes it is .co


Fucking crazyness, would also maybe explain why Coinbase seems to be having a meltdown, apps not working.


How is value actually added to bitcoin? I imagine the value of the coin has to be linked to something you could get in return?


market cap is growing.


Hahaha this is fucking insane.

@SDGooner it doesn’t have any!! It has no underlying value, it’s not tied to anything. It’s value is all totally based on thin air and speculation lol


bit like all currencies then isnt it? All currencies are based on trust and the respective governments. Then you got huge debts on fiat too.


They rocket as they’re about to be added to the two largest futures trading exchanges.
All the other coins I’m invested in are dropping as people selling off to join the spaceship up. Price correction comes soon so now is the time to buy into Ethereum Litecoin etc


Started reading about Cryptocurrency about blockchains, IoTA etc.
Complicated stuffs. Should always have gone with my gut feeling to be a Mathematician. I regret that a lot.

The story about Ethereum & Ethereum classic is funny in a way; and underlines why cryptocurrency has a long way to go before it can be trusted.


I have very little knowledge of this online currency, but isn’t there a pretty big risk that this could turn into one big bubble and then the whole thing bursts?


I’d say that’s a near certainty myself. When something used to be worth pennies and is now worth tens of thousands for no other real reason than hype then somewhere along the line that has to come to an end.

Which isn’t to say people can’t or won’t make massive money from it because of course they will and indeed many already have.


Problem is, bitcoin has 400 billion market capitalisation I think, when that bubble bursts and the money disappears, that has to rock the global economy surely.


Bitcoin is here to stay. It’s ridiculous climb is another story, but since it’s being added for futures trading a lot of institutionalised money poured in. There will be a price correction coming days.

Yesterday virtually all the altcoins took huge hits as Bitcoin soared and today we see the altcoins climb back up and bitcoin dropping a bit. Ethereum is now higher than where it was before the meltdown yesterday. New fiat money in bitcoin will start trickling to other coins as people will look to diversify their portfolios.

Ethereum, Dash, Monero and I would say now IOTA as well are all here to stay and won’t go anywhere.

The bubble burst stories have been pending for 10 years now and every time Bitcoin drops it comes back 10x times as hard.


From what i am reading, it is not too late to grab cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is working on a very outdated blockchain methodolgy (as per sources…I have no clue) and transaction speed plus fees makes it unviable to be used for actual microtransactions.

Ripple & IoTA gives 1500 TPS & 1000 TPS respectively while bitcoin is at around 34 or something. Bitcoin takes about 10min to approve the transaction i hear.

So this hype is putting cryptocurrency on the map. Onto us to research, find the better coins & enter a new era where such coins will be used for transactions


That’s why the future is with Ethereum blockchain. Bitcoin’s son: Litecoin (much faster transaction times).
IOTA works differently and is not on the blockchain and I predict it will have a bright future as well.

Invest now. :slight_smile: