Cryptocurrency (nonce dollars)


All about Ripple :wink:


Haha yeah, I’m pretty gutted I didn’t manage to buy Ripple when I wanted to back in September but I was broke unfortunately.

I don’t think it’ll go as crazy as LTC/BTC/ETC because Ripple the company controls the supply and it is not in their interests for XRP to become too expensive as they want it to actually be used by the banks etc. The tech behind it is super legit though, and I spy big things for it in the future.

It can settle global transactions in 4 seconds! That’s huge! Some big banks have been involved in trials with it and are wanting to extend the trials. It’s all pretty cool stuff.


Do we have to use Bitcoin to purchase ripple too?
That put me off with IoTA


I bought ripple using fiat currency off Kraken when mydeposit showed up lol.


Nah you can buy it normally by depositing Euros, Yen or Canadian Dollars on Kraken.

I can’t see an option to deposit GBP. It took ages for them to verify me and I imagine my money order will take ages to go through when I finally get to make it.


You must be doing pretty well on the 8600 ripple you bought haha


Yep, the gains are looking healthy. Over 700pct on my main holdings.

Ripple and ethereum are the only “coins” I see having a future. The rest seem there for the ride mainly.

Ripple and ethereum have proper utility. Obviously there are others, but I haven’t really invested my time into reading into them.

I did a SEPA transfer to get some euro balance. Showed up within 16 hours. Then just bought ripple with my euros.


Ok cool, that’s good to hear. Looks like I’ll be ringing up my bank tomorrow to try and arrange that. Probably won’t come in until Monday/Tuesday then but hey ho. Hopefully there’s a bit of drop or drawback.


Personally, I think ripple will correct downwards a little bit. I never buy on a high like it is now.


Well a lot of people were saying that it wouldn’t hit $1 and it would never hit $1.50 and now it’s just hit $2.

I don’t know, I might just wait it out a bit, but at the same time with the pace it’s got going right now… who knows Ripple the company might flood the market or something to bring the price down as it’s absolutely not in their interesting for XRP to go the same way as the other big currencies.


Bought Raiblocks at 3$ DECENT


What’s Raiblocks?


No idea.

Basically decided to put a bit of money in altcoins earlier in the month. Did some research and went with Etherum, RaiBlocks, OMG, Enigma, Wabi and I hold an etf bitcoin tracker which was my gateway.


Sounds like a great plan to put money on a coin you have got no idea about :smile:

On another note I had ripple when it was in the cents, sold it just under a euro. Best thing is just to hold coins as I now would have had more profit :weary:


Yeah Crypto is definitely one of those “set and forget” types, they’re all just too volatile and uncertain.

I’m kicking myself too because I wanted to invest in Ripple back in September but I was broke.

Oh well!


I was being facetious.


Ive just started using Binance and bought into ripple.

Question, do I need to move the coin to a wallet?


You should never use exchange wallets in case they get hacked. If you transfer anything always copy and paste!


LOL all this time the bankers shouting scam…now its like ‘cant beat them join them’ why the fuck would people use theirs if there is the original out there that is performing better!


Because at least the Bank of England is actually pretty reputable and has a lot of serious backing rather than a bunch of 20 year old developers who are trying to figure things out as they go along and who may or may not be ripping people off at the same time.