Cryptocurrency (nonce dollars)

Shhhh :wink:

Doge and shib say hello

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The million other hyped up shitcoins say hi back.

Like what? I’ll go buy some quickly

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How could you monkey jizz…


Anyone here either heard of or into Saitama?

Followed it for a week or so and been doing some reading. It dropped 40% this morning because of Coin Market Cap allowing 10 year old news about somebody involved with the coin that looked like a warning, but was actually a paid for advertisement.
If you do some reading, there loads of shit going on as they’re developing an app called saitamask which will eliminate crypto gas fees.
I took the plunge, bought some and got in at 0.00000002, it’s now back up in the 7’s and I’m in profit quite nicely in a matter of hours :grin:

I find it interesting that for every purchase of saitama there a 4% tax, 2% gets burned to reduce circulation and 2% is dispersed back to anyone holding saitama.

Been looking into it. Is it on one of the major exchanges? Or still only on the swap dexes?

Not a great fan of using Uniswap due to the high gas fees

It’s a ballache to buy to be honest.
I bought USDT on coin base, then used an exchange called Lbank sent it there and changed the USDT to saitama.

General Public : “These big corporations have too much control over financial sector and they always scam us”
Also general public: “Lets scam others with monkey jizz”

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Fuck sake, monkey jizz :rofl::rofl:🤦🤦

Did you buy any after mate?

There was a nice dip recently and I tripled my position Purley because I think it has a great chance of being a success but also what they have planned for it with the Saitamask App due for release.

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No, haven’t bought it yet

I moved around some coins and got into SAND which is a meta verse coin and I kid you not I am up 50% over the last few days with SAND.

Nearing the point where I take my initial money out and let the rest ride

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Nice!! Seeing a lot of red today amongst crypto today!

Saitama currently 54% up and recovering from that horrendous dip which means I’m up nicely. I’m not done yet though, has potential to be big.

I need a break already though, it’s becoming compulsive to constantly check prices or how it’s doing.

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I am so lucky, I moved all my ADA and LINK into SAND, it has been absolutely killing it.

It went up for me basically 100% in the span of less than a week. I sold and bought a few times in between. Now I sold 50% of my holdings,because it must retrace eventually. This thing just been on fire

It actually rallied up to 260% over November :exploding_head:

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I’ve seen talks of Adidas being involved. Too late to get in on this do you think amd how would one go about buying?

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Yes they are involved with Sandbox. They bought some virtual land plots on the platform and in order to do that you need to spend the tokens. Given it’s Adidas they probably spent a lot of money.

It’s hard to tell if it’s too late or not. Logically of course it’s a bit too high now to jump in. And I would advice against it.

However, I jumped in after it already did a 100% two weeks ago or so, I jumped in I think 8/9 days ago. And it did another 100% for me now. I doubled my money.

First I swapped all my ADA for SAND, because Ada been poop last few months. Then I jumped in with more funds a few days later, swapping my chain link for sand.

It paid off. But it was a bit of a gamble. I was willing to take it because it is getting so much attention and hype because of the metaverse.

So I am riding that Metaverse wave now

I will eventually sell 50% of my sand holdings and go back to chain link at least. And other crypto. And let the rest of my sand sit there for a few years.

I trade mostly (90% of the time) on Binance. Leverage on bybit.

This thing just doesn’t stop :exploding_head: