Cryptocurrency (nonce dollars)

Here’s to hoping my £250 investment in XRP in 2017 comes through :crossed_fingers:


Say you had invested 2000 in chainlink at the time of the corona crash in March. It would be worth 26000 if you had sold in summer (went from 1.5 to 20, currently at 14usd).

BTC had another coin-split similar to the one in 2017 and it follows a similar pattern this year in growth.

Crypto is very predictable if you have followed the patterns over the last 5 years.

I have invested a total of 7.500 euros. The more you put in the more you can earn (or lose). But when it’s down, you don’t sell, you wait for it to go back up. And generally it does. Patience.


Nonce dollar hit new ATH today on some exchanges. Exceeding 20k.

Might be a nice Christmas coming up.

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Yeah it was sub $6,000 back in March right??

Taken its time but nice recovery and gains since the peak in 2017/18.

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It was as low as 4K after corona crash

At its highest in 2017 Christmas it was just over 20k.

In between it had a lot of up and downs.

A friend of mine bought in at around 12k it went back to 4 / 5k he just held. Nerves of steel he has got I admit. Now he is back in good profit.

I am mostly in altcoins, more room for quick gains, but even more volatile then Bitcoin. Also most follow bitcoin’s trend.

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Yeah I think I might start dropping some more cash in altcoins. I think a Bitcoin is just too rich for my taste now, I think $21k or whatever it’s at is already so high but then I guess it could just as easily hit $40k or $50k rather than plateauing at $20k or whatever.

I like the idea of small altcoins where you can get some crazy gains for cheaper prices.

Which altcoins are you in?

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I am diversified in XTZ, Chainlink, BEL, Uni, ONT, NEO. But I tend to sell at times and go somewhere else with a part of my stash. I am in many telegram groups and basically read and follow it every day.

You can apply Technical Analysis as well.

As for why BTC goes up it’s of course driven by world events in the most general sense of the word.

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By the way @Cristo stepping in now is risky, precisely because it all went up again. Best to buy low, sell high.

Of course could all go higher and I am expecting it to go higher at least this month and maybe early Jan. But it’s never a guarantee. So trade at your own risk.

And read the charts, check the year charts for each coin, for BTC. Analyse which months typically do well etc.

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Yeah I want to get in on Airbnb first, and given what you said about predictability and patterns in BTC I think I’ll wait out and see what happens through February/March as I remember 2018 quite well :joy:

Thanks for the caution though, appreciate it!

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Echo what forever says. Based on previous cycles, any new money is very risky. I personally won’t do it. But like many things, high risk high reward.

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Anybody got any Bitcoin to sell? Private message me, one of my friends is buying up loads by Friday

There’s gotta be better ways for him to source nonce dollars than to get his mate to ask people on a fairly small Arsenal forum? :grin:


Haha he keeps asking me to find people bro and I really don’t know anyone who sells them like they. And I randomly remembered the nonce dollars thread and thought it’s worth a shot at least.


Probably a good idea to buy nonce dollars with worldwide currencies devalueing.

Sounds sketchy as fuck mate.

Why doesn’t he buy them on an exchange like or they are trusted places. Once bought he can move them to a private wallet if he doesn’t want to keep them on the exchange.

P2P seeking Bitcoin sounds like a bad idea with its current valuation of 22k usd.

Few moments after I posted, this popped up.

I think it will go to 24/25 before it corrects downwards from where it will go back up to 30

Nonce dollar hit new ATH today. 28k

Nice that’s impressive. Reminds me I need to speak to CS at Kraken so I can get back into my account after locking myself out so I can potentially start trading again haha

Although at nearly $30k, I feel like that might be a bit rich for my taste.

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I’m in that pic too, mate :wink:

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Yup you are, astute observation mate :wink: