Cryptocurrency (nonce dollars)

Cautionary tale

There are actually a few different ways a quantum computer can snap a blockchain.

For one, blockchain transactions are secured with digital signatures based on elliptic curve cryptography (ECC). ECC coincidently is also used on the internet to encrypt user data and website traffic.

However, ECC is not “quantum-safe,” according to Post-Quantum’s Cheng, meaning that a powerful quantum computer could theoretically decrypt user private keys and forge transaction signatures on their behalf.

“Once that trust is broken, that will be the end of cryptocurrencies,” said Cheng, adding:

“If you can no longer tell whether [the right] people are signing transactions to you or not, then you have destroyed trust. This cryptocurrency world is based on a distributed, trustless environment.”

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LinkChain is doing very well.

BTC will go to 20k. Steady at 9 now normal retrace from 13k.

I think if you invest enough time into trading alts, you can make quite some money. If you follow patterns (TA) and are disciplined with your trades.

True about stocks in general - the more volatility, the more being a “trader” offers opportunities.

Crypto are at a relatively immature stage with lots of volatility still, so if you are a trader, it can offer an interesting game.

What’s funny is that when you actually look over different periods that are more than just a couple of months, you will be surprised often at which investments made you the most money.

Still getting a chuckle every time at “nonce dollars”


How so?

Interesting stuff

Is that Andersen Chang?

Limited supply, increasing demand. The halvening will happen next year, which will lead to a spike. (Last frenzy when it went to 18k was also before the halvening).

Crypto is being adopted more and more on a large scale.

Let’s not forget Facebook also wanting to enter the game with Libra.

China doing great things with NEO and Ontology and other coins.

Anyway, I am not a BTC holder, I hold and trade a variety of alts as they are even more volatile then BTC.


The only useful thing about BTC for me, is using it to buy really nice moroccan hash off of the dark net :slight_smile:

Not anno 2019 mate.

Monero and dash are used for that stuff.

I’ve never used either of those.

Noncedollar at $ 18k+ today. Touching 19K. Expectation is it goes easily over 20K in the next weeks.

All alt coins also increasing. Chainlink (LINK) did a 20x in the last few months.


How’s Ripple doing?

Good 24 hours but still basically worth fuck all.

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I don’t follow XRP. Don’t really know.

I am in Xtz, Link, Bel, Uni, Ont, Neo. Generally alt coins as the gains are larger than in BTC. Mind you, they are all tied to BTC’s movement. So BTC up is good for all other coins.


Very pleased with my ripple. Long way to go till I’ll pull the trigger though. Held for 3 years without flinching so happy to wait longer.

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Vechain is also a hugely undervalued coin and one of the good ones in terms of use cases. Read up on it.

I bought into IOTA for 2¢ a piece, then came the great cyrpto surge of December 2017 when people bought everything for fun and IOTA went up over $5 a piece… Should’ve fucking sold as its hovered at 25-30¢ ever since :man_facepalming:t2:

Fuck me, that’s one hell of a return. That’s enough to set you up for life depending on how much you had in.

Never done crypto myself really. I need something I can keep a balanced risk porfolio in but no doubt that 2017/2018 surge was something else.

Where are you expecting it to be in a few years time?

1 year from today between $1 to $1.3
2 year $1.5 to $1.75
3 year $3 to $5

This is on the optimistic side btw. I would be surprised if ripple gets stuck between $0.5 and $1 and then just blitz to something insane.

As a product, I dont understand how XRP isn’t more widely used. Its fantastic at what it does.

A lot of crypto exchanges uses XRP as the medium to go from coin to xrp to fiat because of how efficient it is.