Cryptocurrency (nonce dollars)


Mt Gox sold off to settle lawsuit, causing the crash, but it will be back up summer and then crash again aug/sept, high again nov/dec


Great opportunity to buy in at a low price for the long term. Can’t go into this expecting short term gains.


the thing is after every dip I keep thinking it’s a great price for the long term and every time either the next day or like a week later it goes 20% lower lmao.


Said it all along :rofl:


Jakey was right all along :cech: :giroud3: :jakey:



That’s exactly what a nonce would say


Did you read the article, though?


Obviously not, didn’t read the one I posted either.

I’m here for the cheap laughs


Fair enough :smiley:


Threads gone quiet lately. How are people’s investments looking?


Thank goodness I refrained after being so excited.


Nice gains across the board recently.


Waiting for electroneum to boom one day then retire