Cryptocurrency (nonce dollars)


Ooh didn’t know drops are this significant.

I wonder what’s going on with people who bought Bitcoin when it was 15k+


These people better wait a year or sell now and take their losses. It was always going to be not very smart to buy in at such heights.

I made a similar mistake myself, saw Ethereum speed off beginning of January and bought some extra at a high price. I FOMO’d. The thing is I also have quite a bit of Ethereum from when it was around 250 euros, so all in all I am still good on the balance. And a lesson learned not to buy while it is climbing so rapidly.

If the drop stabilises a little bit, I might actually buy some more at this low price. Granted, it goes against my current emotions and requires some nerves of steel, but I think and believe Eth will come back to it’s old heights eventually. Maybe, I will have to wait till end of the year.

Obviously, never invest what you are not prepared to lose. Those people mortgaging off their houses and investing in bitcoin at 20k… well…


I FOMOd into ICON earlier in January at $9.50. Then thought I was playing a blinder after the first Korea FUD and bought some more at $5.90. Now sitting pretty at $2.80. £400 well spent sir.


I’m still only into IOTA right now, I buy when it drops and I have a target amount that I would like to hold. I think the value will rise when there’s an official release of the official wallet. I still try not to track the prices too much as like I’ve said I’m in it for the long haul…although I do have a value in mind of when I’ll sell. I’m excited by the technology and I watched a 2 hour youtube interview with IOTA founder David Sønstebø the other day which was very interesting.


I bought into Electroneum a few weeks ago. One to watch.


Imagine being a Bitcoin buyer that fomo’d because of national newspaper headlines at the beginning of January when the prices where at all time highs, you loaded your credit cards to buy BTC and now all of this? :grimacing:



Ethereum is up from 450 euros an hour ago to almost 600 euros now. I can breathe again. :smiley:


All the nonce dollars in the greens again. wipes sweat off his forehead



When you are say 14 and buy 400 bitcoin for 10 dollars, then you’re just plain lucky and not an expert :smiley:


I think most of the people that made their fortunes in BTC are like that haha


At what point or age do you have to invest in order to be an expert? Isn’t anyone who got in right at the ground level kinda lucky?


Bitcoin didn’t move for shit for 4 years or so. Some people back in those days were truly invested in the technology, but most were just fooling around and some got lucky as I mentioned.

Age has nothing to do with it, but I am mentioning age in relation to this 19 year old bitcoin millionaire, he would have been around 14 when he did get those 401 bitcoins.

Being an expert is in my humble opinion someone who understands the technology behind bitcoin (and these days other coins) and who is eloquent in explaining it to those who are not familiar with it. Investing for profit is simply right time, right place, knowledge and partially luck. Some people got rich whilst understanding what they invested in and some got rich by sheer luck only. :slight_smile:


Binance hacked or something.

And Dowwnnnnnnnnnm we go again


Some individual accounts got hacked not Binance itself. An apparent hacker used funds from people’s accounts to buy Viacoin.


" Interestingly, the hackers lost coins during this attempt."


I wish this chinese new year would end sometime soon.