Cristiano Ronaldo

You watch Messi play over the past 15 years and then you watch Ronaldo play over the past 15 years.

One guy can create, dribble, score and dominate in a way that beggars belief.

One guy can score, header and dominate in a way that beggars belief.

Messi has always had more strings to his bow. It ain’t no competition, never has been, never will be.

The goal stats favour Messi. The assist stats favour Messi. I fucking hate Barcelona but this dude is better than Ronaldo. He’s better at controlling the ball, carrying the ball, vision, passing, finishing, free kicks. Oh but Cristiano JUMPS SO FUCKING HIGH LET ME JIZZ. Football is a game about THE FEET. Messi is and always has been more capable as the all round footballer. It never has even been a debate.


Don’t surrender that easily. Think I can help you here.

Teams who come 4th in domestic league qualify for CL is fine. They are in the top 20% of their league. And their league is like, top 5-10% in Europe.

But teams who come 3rd in their group going into the next round of the SAME tournament is absurd because they are in the top… 75% of that tournament.

The equivalent to the former example is teams who come 3rd in the group stage of CL go on to win it. In reality they get kicked into the Europa league.

I always see Euro 2016 final as a massive bottle job by France rather than some uphill victory by Portugal.
Even the winning goal was against the run of play scored by a bizarre no name player out of nowhere.
Ronaldo is really lucky to have a Euro trophy in his CV.

So bizarre that France couldn’t take advantage of being the much better side between the two

I dare say if France got 78 minutes from Benzema not Giroud, then they wouldn’t have scored 0.


That shitter is useless. Look at his France goal record, anonymous at every major international tournament he robbed from Benzema.


Realistically, Ireland should have beaten France in that game. They were pants.

Benzema robbed himself, what has that got to do with Giroud?

@Aussiegooner: blame lies with the coach than any player. Also if I recall Griezmann missed a sitter of a ball put in by Coman in addition to poor finish in general from the team.


This is correct on both counts tbh.

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When quality footballers like Benzema are playing it’s going to enhance a teams level of performance more often than not in an attacking sense.

France didn’t have Mbappe in 2016 so harder to cover the inept plank Giroud upfront.

Sure it can but the fact they couldn’t score a goal isn’t just down to Giroud at all.

As player I’m not a fan of his, however, he has contributed for France at major tournaments without scoring. There’s little doubt about that.

His presence in that team has been good for both Griezmann and Mbappe particularly at major tournaments.

Also Benzema was not the player he is now back in 2016, isn’t that the season where he got 11 league goals? He’s grown as a player since then, they could have still lost that final with or without him.

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Benzema was just a very selfless player that adapted as Ronaldo’s sidekick for years.

If Benzema was at Arsenal in 2016 we win the league and he Nets 25.

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Maybe, maybe not. In that season he was not a goal machine.

It’s not a given that he scores that many goals for us and it isn’t a given he’d carry France to the Euro’s either, he’s grown a lot as a player who has all the responsibility.

Yep and at Arsenal in 2016 he would have had that responsibility, no coincidence imo that he started netting 30 a season after Ronaldo departed.

France had more than enough to dispatch Portugal. They bottled it.

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He’s also clearly become a better player since then…

Basically this. Portugal did not rob France in any shape or form.
Let’s not forget home advantage. Pretty much the same as when Greece beat Portugal in 04.

Almost bottled the WC too.

There were some dubious calls by the ref in that final.

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The penalty changed that game. Still never got my head around that one.

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Always been top quality but sacrificed individual accolades to play and fit in with Ronaldo, his goal scoring has taken a major spike the moment Ronaldo left though and Benzema was left being the main man.

He’s a quality player but that doesn’t meant he’s been able to carry a team and score like machine if it was only him as the focal point back then no questions asked.

He’s improved as a goal scorer since Ronaldo left and also since those days of playing Robin. Back in 2016 he doesn’t necessarily carry us to the title in fact I doubt it.