Could we go down?

Early days but are we in a relegation battle?

I think it’s clear we’re at least in the mix. Vote below.

Could we go down?
  • Yes
  • No

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Hi Luca.


Hopefully, playing in the championship looks like the only way we are winning games with these clowns.

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did he delete the food based insult?

I don’t think so, but it has gotten to the point that it’s actually worthy of a thread and discussion.

Glad someone thinks it is lol

Honestly, we’re certainly in relegation form. If we carry on like this for much longer it’s not out of the question.

7 losses in 12 for Arsenal is just jaw-dropping, like I’m literally shocked. Unbelievable.

I honestly didn’t think it could get worse after Emery :joy:



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Some of us saw it with Leeds United. Constant talk about them that season, how they were too big to go down and they’ll pull it together. Anything is possible.


we may be bad but nowhere near enough for relegation

If we keep this manager, yes.

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Could we technically go down? Yes.

Will we go down? I highly, highly doubt it.

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If we keep Arteta until the end of the season. Yes.

Otherwise, no.

Now is the time to put the money on it though, one more big job and you can retire from a life of profiteering of Arsenal blood money.


I said at the start of last season that we would finish mid table if we didn’t get a proper manager.

Before that I was told by loads of people we would never finish behind spurs because they are bottlers.

When Wenger was manager I said we would not get in the top four places because he was to stubborn to change.

This season I said Arteta could drag us down to the bottom half of the PL.
I’d like to change that to, if Arteta stays, he could get us relegated.
In fact if he does stay I think it could be quite likely.

Make no mistake Arteta and the board can drag us down as far as they like because they already have.

If anyone out there thinks that the board aren’t to blame for all this, please take a serious look at their record since they took over.

Not sacking Arteta is a sackable offence.

He has to go before the Southampton game.


40/1 odds on us getting relegated.

Could be tempted to put down £20 for shits and giggles.


The answer depends on how long it takes for Arteta to be given his P45.

800 in return would be a good sum to drink away the sorrow when we go down :wenger2:

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It would really depend on who comes in. Someone like a Freddie or Steve Bould type for the rest of the season and you could very easily unravel and lose focus.
It’s a massive worry for me. There’s nobody at the club that can even take the reins for a couple of weeks for me.

What about that doctor Freddie had with him as his support staff? At this point, I’d give him a try over Arteta.