Cost of living

A 20 year old Volvo estate :joy:


Ah yes, the favoured mode of transportation for serial killers / paedos. Good call on upgrading your vehicle brother


Yep, it’s all just made up anyway, product of fractional reserve system and move away from pinning currency value to a tangible asset (not that I specifically disagree with going away from the gold standard as such).

In some respects, high inflation has become necessary as poor allocation of resources has led to excessive growth of certain elements of the economy with the most pertinent example being housing. So now we need high inflation of prices to catch up to inflated asset prices to ultimately balance everything out again (to some degree, I’m not arguing we have ever had perfect balance to begin with).

It’s something I constantly grapple with mentally; on one hand it is apparent that the relatively unfettered nature of the capitalist approach inherently leads to resource allocation failures.

On the other hand, a heavily-regulated system is open to bias which ultimately results in a society which is not rooted in fairness and which, for me, is one of the core tenets, if not the core tenet, of a successful society.