Cost of living

Funny - but this new budget will help me personally more than any other I can recall.

I think this 45% tax is a fallacy anyway, people in that bracket have ways an means to avoid tax, so doubt it makes too much difference. Agreed bad optics but in terms of tax revenue probably means very little.

It’s naïve to think if we used the windfall tax on energy companies that they wouldn’t simply pass those “losses” on to the consumer in future years in any event.

I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing. If the corporation tax is more favourable, it will attract bigger business not redirect profits through the UK as opposed to other countries. It also helps smaller business owners

I don’t disagree, I don’t think any party currently stands for the working people. People publicly cheering on for improved working class are usually pretty wealthy themselves and their actual policies ultimately don’t do much for the working class.

Said it many times, we are starved as voters for leaders in this country. (but so are most of the West)


If only labour would cause as much ‘damage’ for their side and shape the country as radically as the Tories do in their ‘image’.

For one, electoral reform, and then killing the tabloids with proper legislation would be a great start.

Would prevent future Tory majorities

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And Labour ones too

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Not good reading :grimacing:

Who is this guy and what’s his credibility?

Making some big claims lol

Macroeconomist in his bio so for someone with as little knowledge as me that’s enough :sweat_smile:

Main credential is probably that he spends a lot of time on twitter. It’s a bit like GC Maniac claiming to be an authoritative source.

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Watching the news and any one who starts a sentence with I made a big mistake and wont vote tory again gets absolutely no sympathy from me



From what I’m seeing, I’m seeing little evidence of people slowing down their spending, I know a few people, myself included, but in terms of people going out and spurlging on luxery items, still buying houses or moving, that hasn’t stopped and off anything feels like it’s ramped up.

Not saying there isn’t a crisis but also am saying I haven’t seen spending dwindle that much, even more so in the businesses I’m currently doing work in.

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The cost of living crisis impacts people who couldn’t afford those things (houses/luxury goods) in the first place……


If you’re middle class the cost of living crisis means you might not have the heating on as much, you might buy a bit less food, go out in the car a bit less, save less money etc.

It’s a whole different ball game for people who were only just getting by beforehand.


You don’t think there’s a section of people who couldn’t really afford those things in the first place still struggling to control themselves and their pockets? Borrowed money and credit cards.
I know plenty of people who don’t own houses but still spend it as fast as it comes into the bank account. Banks are dying to throw money at people uncontrolled enough to borrow what they don’t need at the current rates.

This whole keeping up with the Jonses mentality will come back to bite a lot of people in the arse regardless of class.


Yeah the being in your face posting for facebook and social media are not something common sense comes into.

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Most suppliers will allow for a few days either side of that date to send their readings without penalising people in light of the “unprecedented” situation.

How gracious of the money robbing bastards…


Out of interest, what’s the price of a kw/h over there? On a variable rate here, prices have gone from $10 (£6.60) last May to $19 (£12) now.

is that a typo?

that can’t be right,if that was the price per unit you would be bankrupt

Not sure how our numbers align as that can’t be right lol but electricity prices from my bills this year:

March - April: 20p per kwh (Daily about £1)
August - September: 29p per kwh (Daily about £1.50)

So about a 50% increase lol.

Standing charge (additional payment per day no matter what - don’t know if that’s just a UK thing tbh)
March - April: 26p a day
August - September: 35p a day

Total cost per day gone from £1.25 to £1.90.

Absolute cunting rip off and it’s about to go up again in October.